Alums Establish Thriving Law Practice

Brendan Klaproth (J.D.’10) and Sergey Basyuk's (J.D.’10) mutual desire to practice law and gain a practical legal education ultimately led them to GW Law, where they became close friends.

As a 3L year, Sergey served as a student attorney at the GW Law Immigration Clinic. “The Immigration Clinic and the guidance of Professor Alberto Benítez, was an invaluable experience for me.  The Clinic is a community, and each student is given the opportunity to develop and grow as an individual and an attorney. The experience taught me everything from communicating and advising clients to appearing in court. Most importantly, I learned to make and defend decisions that will change people’s lives. I apply these skills on a daily basis in my practice,” Sergey said.

The faculty at GW Law left a lasting impression on Brendan. “From my first year Civil Procedure class with Professor Todd Peterson to my upper level course on National Security and Intelligence Law with Professor Daniel Richard, all of my professors had important experience which enriched my legal training. I learned not only to ‘think like a lawyer,’ but also invaluable lawyering skills—problem solving, closing deals, counseling clients, negotiating, and going up against adversaries,” Brendan said.

Following graduation, Brendan and Sergey opened their own legal practice in DC and within a year, Basyuk & Klaproth LLP was well on its way to establishing a presence in commercial, entertainment, and immigration law. Today, their practice represents businesses, entertainers, and foreign nationals, and their portfolio includes representing a business in closing a multi-million dollar lease in DC, drafting and negotiating various contracts for small and mid-sized businesses, appearing in Immigration Court on behalf of clients seeking asylum from oppressive regimes, and setting up a business structure for a promising music record label. “We’re always on the phone negotiating with opposing counsel, closing business deals, attending client meetings, drafting motions, and doing research. On top of that we have to market our practice and get our name out there. GW Law helped prepare us to practice as attorneys, adapt to different circumstances, and continue honing a variety of skills,” Brendan said.

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Spotlight Item: From left to right: Brendan Klaproth (J.D.’10) & Sergey Basyuk (J.D.’10)

From left to right: Brendan Klaproth (J.D.’10) & Sergey Basyuk (J.D.’10)

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