GW Law Introduces New Business and Finance LL.M. Program

November 1, 2010—GW Law is proud to announce its new LL.M. in Business and Finance Law. The Law School’s ongoing and in-depth relationship with regulators and business leaders nationally and abroad provide students with exceptional opportunities for study and internships.

“We are excited about the addition of the Business and Finance LL.M. program, which adds value to our already rich and diverse curriculum and range of programs and initiatives,” said Dean Frederick M. Lawrence. “The program draws on the depth of knowledge and experience of our faculty, and surely will be enriched by our numerous connections to the national and international business and finance communities.”

Students may design their own curriculum or choose to concentrate in such fields as commercial law, corporate law, securities regulation, finance, or international business and trade. “As an international corporate lawyer, I looked for a program which would provide me with a better and more comprehensive understanding of the different legal aspects that influence the global business and financial market,” said Naama Davidovich, a Business and Finance LL.M. student from Tel Aviv, Israel. “The program offers a variety of professors who are experts in their fields which enhances the learning experience.”

The LL.M. in Business and Finance Law is a vital part of the newly formed Center for Law, Economics & Finance (C-LEAF), a think tank within the Law School designed for the study and debate of major issues in economic and financial law facing the United States and the global community. “Our Business and Finance LL.M. program gives our students a concentrated education in these globally vital areas, with some of the best and most creative scholars in the field,” said Lawrence E. Mitchell, Executive Director of the Center for Law, Economics and Finance, and the Theodore Rinehart Professor of Business Law.

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