Student Paper on Alleviating Youth Unemployment Wins Rudge Prize

Howard Rudge, JD '64, retired Senior Vice President of DuPont Corporation, awarded a cash prize of $5,000 to Caitlin Clarke, JD '13, for her paper on reducing youth unemployment. The Howard J. Rudge "Creative Solutions" Competition called for papers highlighting a creative solution to a serious societal problem in the United States in which conventional solutions are failing.

Clarke, a recent graduate of GW Law, proposes the "implementation of apprenticeship programs in the private sector coupled with a generous federal tax credit to businesses hiring into such programs" to reduce youth unemployment while also creating "self-perpetuating opportunities for growth." In order to carry out her solution, Clarke creates the "Leading Employment through Apprenticeship Program" (LEAP), which "grants a significant tax credit to employers taking on LEAP Apprentices, while also offering below-market labor rates and the opportunity to train future employees intensively."

Read Caitlin Clarke's full award-winning proposal below.

"The Leading Employment through Apprenticeship Program: Tax Incentives as a Partial Solution to Youth Unemployment and the Resultant Drain on Entitlement Programs"
Caitlin Clarke, March 2013

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