Media Seeks Professor Manns’ Financial Expertise

Professor Jeffrey Manns has been widely sought after by the news media in recent stories about the country’s current financial situation. He has discussed the United States’ downgraded credit rating, rating agencies and their actions, and current events within the government and financial sector.

He was interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered and NPR News about the Justice Department’s investigation of Standard & Poor’s, and he wrote an op-ed in The New York Times about rating agencies taking advantage of the country’s financial problems to assert their independence. He was interviewed in the Chicago Tribune about the rating agencies’ strategy in threatening to downgrade the United States, as well as the federal government’s role in creating an oligopoly of rating agencies (here). Additionally, Professor Manns discussed the sensitive politics between ratings firms and the government in the Wall Street Journal, and was cited by Senator Al Franken in his recent op-ed about corruption within the rating agencies on CNN.

Professor Manns’ teaching and research interests focus on securities regulation and financial institutions. He has written numerous articles on regulatory reform and is currently working on articles on the financial bailouts, derivatives, and rating agency reform. He is a graduate of Yale Law School and received his doctorate from Oxford University, which he attended as a Rhodes Scholar.

He is also involved with GW’s Center for Law, Economics & Finance (C-LEAF), and frequently speaks at C-LEAF events and other national events and conferences.

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