In the Media: Professors Weigh In on Final Cases of the Supreme Court Term

The Supreme Court justices have retired for the summer after handing down 144 opinions this term on a wide range of issues. Over the past two weeks, the court ruled on the religious liberty rights of corporations, the rights of unions, and a landmark decision that prohibited police from searching cellphones on arrest without a warrant. Several members of the GW Law faculty actively tracked these cases as they developed and shared their expert opinions with the media.

Orin S. Kerr

The New York Times | June 25, 2014
"Major Ruling Shields Privacy of Cellphones"

The Washington Post | June 25, 2014
"Supreme Court Cellphone Ruling Hints at Broader Curbs on Surveillance"

NPR | June 25, 2014
"High Court Ruling On Search Warrants Is Broader Than Cellphones"



Ira C. Lupu

The Dish Blog | July 7, 2014
"The Hidden Threat Of Hobby Lobby?"

The National Law Journal | July 7, 2014
"'Hobby Lobby' Endangers Same-Sex Benefits"

The Washington Post | July 1, 2014
"LGBT Workers May Feel Impact of Hobby Lobby Ruling" 

The Washington Post | July 1, 2014
"Hobby Lobby Beat the Contraception Mandate. Here’s Why the Nuns May Not" 


Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs | July 1, 2014
"Hobby Lobby in the Long Run"

Aljazeera America | June 30, 2014
"What Kind of Precedent Does the Hobby Lobby Ruling Set?"

Alan B. Morrison

Philadelphia Daily News | July 1, 2014
"A Great Day for the People Formerly Known as Corporations" 

ACSBlog | July 1, 2014
"Harris v. Quinn: Creating a First Amendment Right to Freeload"

GW Today | June 30, 2014
"What Do Recent Supreme Court Rulings Mean? " 



Jeffrey Rosen

Politico | July 1, 2014
"How the Supreme Court Changed America This Year"

NPR | June 30, 2014
"SCOTUS Issues Major Rulings on Religion, Unions" 





Sara Rosenbaum

Bloomberg | July 1, 2014
"Obamacare Benefits Unlikely to Be Cut Under Court Ruling"

Businessweek | June 30, 2014
"Supreme Court Lets Religious Employers Limit Obamacare's Free Birth Control"

The Wall Street Journal | June 30, 2014
"Obama, Congress Likely Face Tough Decision on Contraceptive Coverage"  



Jonathan Turley

CNN | July 2, 2014
"Hobby Lobby Ruling Much More Than Abortion" 

CNN | June 30, 2014
"Five Questions from the Big Ruling on Obamacare and Contraception" 

CNN | June 30, 2014
"What the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Decision Means" 

Washington Business Journal | June 30, 2014
"Why Local Christian-owned Businesses are Applauding the Hobby Lobby Decision" 


The Washington Examiner | June 30, 2014
"Obama Likes Secrets—Including Yours" 

CNN | June 30, 2014
"Justices Rule on Obamacare Contraception Case"

Fox News | June 30, 2014
"Liberal Law Prof: Hobby Lobby Decision Caps 'Absymal 10 Days for Obama Administration'"

CNN | June 30, 2014
"How Will High Court Rule in Hobby Lobby Case"

CNN | June 30, 2014
"Supreme Court Narrowly Limits Reach of Labor Unions"

Chicago Tribune | June 29, 2014
"Obama: Wrong on Cellphone Searches and More"

Fox News | June 25, 2014
"Supreme Court: Cellphone Searches"

Robert W. Tuttle

Pew Research Center | July 2, 2014
"The Hobby Lobby Impact: A Q&A" 

Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs | July 1, 2014
"Hobby Lobby in the Long Run" 

Deseret News | June 30, 2014
"Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Religious Freedom in Hobby Lobby Case"