The Clean Water Act at 40: The J.B. & Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium

The Clean Water Act at 40: The J.B. & Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium took place March 22–23, 2012 at GW Law.

The first day of the conference was held on the United Nations' "World Water Day” and featured distinguished speakers from across the nation. Nancy Stoner, Acting Associate Administrator for Water, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), provided the keynote address, that focused on the EPA's theme "Water is worth it."

William Hines, Dean Emeritus and Joseph F. Rosenfield Distinguished Professor of Law, University of Iowa College of Law, gave an insightful history of the Clean Water Act including little-known facts about events surrounding the passage of the 1972 Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments. 

Other speakers spoke on a variety of Clean Water issues including the need for increased green infrastructure to aid in storm water control, such as green roofs, pervious pavements, and household rainwater collection; and for cities to rethink how they manage and meet water needs.

Participants also discussed the Clean Water Act as a major paradigm shift 40 years ago and the need today for another such shift for it to continue to be effective. This means working with natural systems, viewing water as a resource, seeing opportunities in water, and to found thinking about water management on ecological realities.

This year’s Jamie Grodsky Prize for Environmental Scholarship was presented at the conference to LCDR Jonathan Dowling, JAGC, USN (LL.M. ‘11). 

Read more about the Jamie Grodsky Prize and this year's recipient.

View photos of the event at GW Law Photography.

Full details about the agenda, topics, and participant profiles. 

Event Video:
Panel: "Perspectives"
Panel: "Evolution of the CWA"
Presentation by Peter Lehner of the Natural Resources Defense Council 
Panel: "Infrastructure and Cooperative Federalism" 
Panel: "Compliance and Enforcement Issues"
Presentation of the 2012 Jamie Grodsky Prize for Environmental Law Scholarship 
Panel: "Perspectives II"
Panel: "Challenges for the CWA"
Panel: "What Lies Ahead" 

This event was co-sponsored by The George Washington University Law School, The Environmental Law Institute, The Center for Progressive Reform, The Association of Clean Water Administrators, The Clean Water America Alliance, The GW Journal of Energy and Environmental Law, and The GW Environmental Law Association.


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