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GW Law in London

Join the GW Law Alumni Association, Dean Blake D. Morant, and Associate Dean for International and Comparative Legal Studies Susan L. Karamanian for a reception and dinner in London.

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BLAA Reception at National Bar Association Annual Convention

Join the GW Black Law Alumni Association for an alumni reception during the 90th Annual National Bar Association Convention in Los Angeles.

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Fall Semester Orientation

Orientation begins for International LLM and Exchange students from Monday-Friday; Transfer students on Tuesday; 1L Evening Students on Tuesday and Thursday; and 1L Day Students on Thursday and Friday.

Classes Begin for 1Ls and International LLM Students

U.S. LLM Orientation Begins

Classes Begin for 2L, 3L, 4L, and U.S. LLM Students

In the Spotlight

Analyzing This Term's Supreme Court Rulings

Analyzing This Term's Supreme Court Rulings | The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court are adjourning for the summer after delivering 76 opinions this term on a wide range of issues. This month, the court ruled on two highly scrutinized cases: King v. Burwell, which impacted a key provision of the Affordable Care Act, and Obergefell v. Hodges, which granted the national right to same-sex marriage. GW Law faculty members have actively tracked these and other cases throughout the term and shared their expertise with the media.

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Supreme Court Affirms Same-Sex Marriage

Supreme Court Affirms Same-Sex Marriage | On Friday morning, the Supreme Court handed down a 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, the consolidated cases regarding marriage equality for same-sex couples in the United States. Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy held that marriage is a fundamental right protected under the Fourteenth Amendment. Alan Morrison, Lerner Family Associate Dean for Public Interest and Public Service Law, answered GW Today’s questions about the decision and its consequences.

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Professor Finds Flaw in AIG Ruling

Professor Finds Flaw in AIG Ruling | On June 15, Judge Thomas Wheeler issued a decision in the high-profile AIG bailout case, but that ruling has a critical problem according to Visiting Associate Professor of Law Michael P. Goodman. In an op-ed for National Law Journal, Professor Goodman points out that the case—based on the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment—must be decided by an Article III judge with a lifetime appointment. Judge Wheeler serves on the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, an Article I court subject to the control of Congress and the president. Professor Goodman's conclusion is based on research described in one of his recent papers in the Villanova Law Review.

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Baseball's Hacking Case: Are You a Hacker Too?

Baseball's Hacking Case: Are You a Hacker Too? | Daniel J. Solove, John Marshall Harlan Research Professor of Law, writes about the St. Louis Cardinals "hack" into a Houston Astros database. Cardinals employees allegedly used known passwords to access the Astros' database, an act prohibited by the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which imposes penalties whenever a person intentionally accesses a computer without permission. "People need basic literacy in privacy and security," writes Professor Solove. "The Cardinals personnel might not have known that what they were doing was illegal—and I definitely bet they didn't know how severe the consequences could be. The Astros personnel didn't know some basic ways to protect data security."

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On the Hill: Professor Glicksman Testifies on Ozone Pollution

On the Hill: Professor Glicksman Testifies on Ozone Pollution | Robert Glicksman, J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Environmental Law, testified on Capitol Hill about the Environmental Protection Agency's pending proposal to strengthen air quality standards for ozone. The hearing took place before a joint session of the House Energy and Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade and its Subcommittee on Energy and Power. Professor Glicksman's testimony argued for a strong national ozone pollution standard, pointing out that it fulfills public health goals and provides economic benefits.

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What To Do With Unused Embryos?

What To Do With Unused Embryos?

A few months ago, "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara and her ex-fiance Nick Loeb had a public dispute over whether to use their frozen embryos created through in vitro fertilization. This type of disagreement is becoming more common across the country with the increasing popularity of embryo freezing—a procedure that is now completely covered by some companies. Naomi Cahn, Harold H. Greene Professor of Law, joined NPR's "Diane Rehm Show" to unravel the complicated moral and legal questions about what to do with unused embryos.

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GW Law Experiences

  • Mike Michel, JD '15
  • Tara Pistorese, LLM '15
  • Sydney English, 2L
  • Heather Fincher, 3L
  • Jason Boyd, JD '12
  • Joseph Dougherty, 4L
  • Kathleen Oprea, JD '13
  • Marla Spindel, JD '93, and Claudia Gwilliam, JD '01

Mike Michel, JD '15

A recent graduate shares his experiences as an active law student in a clinic, on a journal, and helping to lead student organizations.

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Tara Pistorese, LLM '15

"GW Law's LLM program has worked so well for me because I came with a goal and just needed the support and assistance to reach it. The faculty at GW offered me a wonderful education and exceptional connections. They were just so dedicated to helping me achieve my goals, and I'm incredibly grateful."

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Sydney English, 2L

Sydney hopes to develop a well-rounded founda­tion in IP law while leveraging her expe­riences in design, branding and product development to further her career.

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Heather Fincher, 3L

"We really are right in the heart of things in D.C. I mean, I can so easily get to my externships at the Treasury Department and the U.S. Tax court, or attend tax law conferences right in downtown, or even just meet for coffee with lawyers nearby."

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Jason Boyd, JD '12

"A wealth of practical learning opportunities forms the heart of the GW Law experience. Field placements with immigration-focused nonprofit organizations, together with my work at the GW Immigration Clinic, propelled my professional development and paved the way for my postgraduate employment."

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Joseph Dougherty, 4L

"GW has an unbelievable collection of professors and advisers who work or have worked at the highest levels of environmental law, whether it was with a corporation, private law firm, the government, NGOs, or elsewhere."

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Kathleen Oprea, JD '13

Kathleen transferred to GW Law after she "realized that there were more opportunities for environmental coursework as well as externship opportunities in Washington, D.C., and particularly at GW Law."

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Marla Spindel, JD '93, and Claudia Gwilliam, JD '01

The D.C. Volunteer Lawyers Project addresses the need for legal representation among D.C.'s indigent population. GW Law alums Marla Spindel, Co-Founder, and Claudia Gwilliam, Managing Director, work to address that need through DCVLP, which handled more than 350 cases
last year.

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Faculty in the News

The New York Times . July 01, 2015
Naomi Cahn is quoted about a comparison of family structure in politically liberal and conservative states. More

The Christian Science Monitor . July 01, 2015
Robert Tuttle is quoted about the possibility of conservative religious colleges losing tax-exempt status because of the Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling. More

American Banker . July 01, 2015
Arthur Wilmarth is quoted about legislative dangers to Dodd-Frank. More

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Learn more about the practical learning students experience through GW Law's clinical programs.

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Government Procurement at GW Law

The field of government procurement law continues to interest policymakers, corporations, and legal employers. Learn more about GW's one of a kind Government Procurement Law Program.

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