Kathleen Oprea, JD '13 Kathleen Oprea, JD '13
Kathleen transferred to GW Law after she "realized that there were more opportunities for environmental coursework as well as externship opportunities in Washington, D.C., and particularly at GW Law."
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Jason Boyd, JD '12 Jason Boyd, JD '12
"A wealth of practical learning opportunities forms the heart of the GW Law experience. Field placements with immigration-focused nonprofit organizations, together with my work at the GW Immigration Clinic, propelled my professional development and paved the way for my postgraduate employment."
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Marla Spindel, JD '93, and Claudia Gwilliam, JD '01 Marla Spindel, JD '93, and Claudia Gwilliam, JD '01
The D.C. Volunteer Lawyers Project addresses the need for legal representation among D.C.'s indigent population. GW Law alums Marla Spindel, Co-Founder, and Claudia Gwilliam, Managing Director, work to address that need through DCVLP, which handled more than 350 cases
last year.
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Katie John, JD '12 Katie John, JD '12
As a current law firm associate, Katie credits her GW Law education with providing practical and theoretical knowledge that aided her in "learning to think about how the law should work." She learned "not only what the law is, but how the doctrines developed and what behavior various provisions are trying
to incentivize."
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Rodney Pratt, JD '01 Rodney Pratt, JD '01
"The SBCED Clinic solidified my interest in corporate and transactional law and exposed me to nonprofit law. I leverage this experience daily in my work for Nike and the Nike Foundation."
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Tiffany P Lee, JD '11 Tiffany P Lee, JD '11
"My first real exposure to tax law was in Professor Karen Brown’s federal income tax course during 2L year. I am now in a job in which I deal with the international tax issues I learned about in Professor Brown's class, and I see the concepts I learned in the classroom applied every day along with their accompanying real-world consequences."
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