The Feminist Forum

Co-presidents: Afroz Baig [email] and Ruth Perrin [email

The Feminist Forum is dedicated to promoting the equal and fair treatment for all individuals regardless of gender, class, sexuality, or race by engaging the Law School in both traditional and innovative ways. The group strives to create a world where all women and men can freely make their own choices by ensuring that those choices are freely available. The Feminist Forum has organized a number of events including: "Law School and Life: A Feminist’s Guide" for incoming students; film and speaker series for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Black History Month, and Women's History Month; Roe v. Wade Anniversary events; "Equality Rocks!" fund-raiser concert at DC9; "Out of Africa: Women’s Rights to Property, Inheritance, and their Bodies"; "Is this what a feminist looks like? An Exploration of Feminism from a Male Perspective"; “The Sex Industry: Empowerment or Objectification?"; and many other events that endeavor to ask tough questions and tackle controversial issues. The Forum's Lifetime Feminist Award is given annually to a graduating student who is pursuing a career in feminist-inspired lawyering.

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