Policies and Procedures Governing Exams

Please read this information carefully before the exam period begins. If you need further information or have any questions, please contact the Dean of Students Office by phone at 202-994-8320 or email at deanofstudents@law.gwu.edu.

Exam Schedule

The Spring 2015 exam period begins Monday, April 20, and ends Friday, May 1. Student misunderstanding about the date or time of an exam is not a valid excuse for missing an exam.

Exam Administration

The Records Office and Dean of Students Office administer exams. During the exam period, the Records Office is open from 9:00 a.m. until evening exams conclude Monday through Thursday, and 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. A dean is available to students at all times when exams are administered. The Records Office telephone number is (202) 994-6261, and the Dean of Students Office can be reached at (202) 994-8320.

Use of Electronic Devices

Electronic reading devices in lieu of text books are not allowed. Devices enabling access to the internet are prohibited, including additional computers and cell phones.

Emergencies before the Exam

Do not contact your professor. In the event an emergency (such as hospitalization or a death in the family) prevents you from taking an exam, to be excused from the exam you must immediately contact the Dean of Students Office by telephone at 202-994-8320, email at deanofstudents@law.gwu.edu, or in person. Documentation will be required.

Emergencies in the Exam Room

Immediately inform the proctor if an emergency, such as severe illness, occurs during an exam. The proctor will contact the appropriate Law School officials. Students who leave an exam without contacting the proper Law School officials will not be eligible to finish or otherwise retake the exam at a later time.

Rescheduling Exams

Students may not reschedule their exams. Professors cannot reschedule exams for individual students under any circumstances. All questions regarding exam scheduling must be addressed to the Dean of Students Office.

Students who are absent from an exam and are not officially excused may receive a grade of F. Misunderstanding about the date or time of an exam is not a valid excuse for missing an exam.

Identifying Exams

Exams are graded anonymously. Do not convey your name anywhere on your exam. You will be required to use your GWID number as your identifier.


For the purpose of accessing notes or an outline, laptop computers, or any other electronic data storage devices are not allowed in an exam room under any circumstances. This means that if you want to consult your notes during the exam, you must bring a hard copy. Cell phones must be turned off, stored away from the desk, and under no circumstances may be used during an exam. Please sit in every other seat in the exam room to the extent possible.


If you need to leave the exam room, you may not take any materials with you and you may not bring any new materials back into the exam room. You may not confer with anyone about the exam or consult materials while you are outside the exam room.


Proctors will contact the professor, via the Records Office, to ask any questions about the content of an exam question. Under no circumstances should you ask for assistance from another student taking the exam or from deans or other officials.

End of Exam

Each student is responsible for monitoring the time during the exam. Proctors are not required to remind students of elapsed time. At the conclusion of the exam, as announced by the proctor, all keyboarding and writing must stop immediately. Students may not continue to type or write after time has been announced except to exit the Exam4 program.

Specifically, do not finish a sentence, spell check, or write on the outside of the exam books. Numbering books or adding your student exam number can only be done in the presence of the proctor. In addition, students must ensure that all items for collection are turned into the proctor. Proctors are not responsible for checking materials that students submit. Students should not contact their professors to express difficulties taking the exam, including any equipment failure. Students may raise such concerns with the Dean of Students Office.

Controlled Exams

“Controlled” exams are number stamped and MUST be returned to the proctor at the end of the exam. Students who fail to return controlled exams risk receiving a F. Please be advised, you are responsible for returning all required materials to the proctor at the end of the exam. If you are contacted regarding a controlled exam you must respond IMMEDIATELY to any inquiry and may be required to return to campus, regardless of the time of day.

Use of Laptop Computers

To use the exam software for your exam, please download Exam4 from www.exam4.com. Please complete a PRACTICE EXAM to be sure that your computer passes the security check and can properly connect to the exam server to submit exams wirelessly. There is no "practice exam question", just a blank page where you type your exam answer which will be encrypted and irretrievable once submitted. Please run a practice exam for at least five minutes. 

Exam ID - Use your GWID (e.g. G12345678). You can find your number on the web portal.

Exam Mode - While practicing and during an exam, type CLOSED at the prompt.

At the completion of your exam, you will be asked to submit your answers through the law school wireless network. The auto save on Exam4 saves your exam every 10 seconds, with an additional two minute backup so there is no risk of losing your work. Make sure your PC is connected to the wireless network (GWLAW1X) before launching Exam4. If you do not have wireless access, you may save your exam on a USB drive provided by the proctor.

Laptop exams are the default. If you wish to write your exam in provided booklets, please send a request to rec@law.gwu.edu. Students writing in bluebooks will be in the same exam room as laptop users.

Exam locations are posted on the first-floor Stockton chalkboard one hour before the scheduled start time of each exam.

Please email rec@law.gwu.edu if you have any questions about Exam4. For technical troubleshooting issues related to the software itself, please contact Extegrity directly through their website, www.exam4.com, and click on "User/Tech Support" at the top left-hand side of the homepage.

Click here for an Exam4 tutorial. 

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