China: End of the Reform Era – A Book Launch with Professor Carl Minzner

Join the International and Comparative Law Program and the Research Initiative on Multinational States at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies as they present a discussion of the book End of an Era with the author Charles Minzner, Professor of Law at Fordham University.

About the Book

China's leaders are progressively cannibalizing institutional norms and practices that have formed the bedrock of the regime's stability in the reform era. Technocratic rule is giving way to black-box purges; collective governance sliding back towards single-man rule. The post-1978 era of "reform and opening up" is ending. China is closing down. Uncertainty hangs in the air as a new future slouches towards Beijing to be born. End of an Era explains how China arrived at this dangerous turning point, and outlines the potential outcomes that could result.