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Getting Personal - A Podcast Brought to You by the GW Law Office of Admissions

You already know the basics about GW Law.  We offer the largest course curriculum in the country; we’re located in the heart of downtown DC; and we offer our students unmatched opportunities for experiential learning.  But through this podcast, we aim to showcase something beyond academics -  our unique community vibe.  

At GW Law, our community members are smart and ambitious of course, but also simply nice, unassuming people!  Tune in to meet some of the people here at GW Law who contribute to our warm, laid-back, and engaging atmosphere, ranging from students, faculty, and staff members.  You won't find any “sharp elbows” here.  Along the way, we'll offer tips on applying to help make the application process as smooth and stress-free as possible.  We hope you'll join us - now let’s get personal! 

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