Howard Crystal

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Howard Crystal

Professorial Lecturer in Law


2000 H Street, NW Washington DC 20052

Howard Crystal is the Legal Director of the Center for Biological Diversity’s Energy Justice Program, where he works to advance the clean and democratic energy future urgently needed to protect wildlife, communities and the climate. He previously was the principal of the Law Office of Howard Crystal, and from 2005-2015 was a partner at Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal. In the animal protection area, Mr. Crystal has litigated numerous cases over the conservation of endangered species around the country, from the San Francisco garter snake in California to the Atlantic salmon off the coast of Maine. He has also litigated cases over the preservation of species’ habitat in national parks such as Yellowstone, Gulf Islands National Seashore in Florida, and the Lower Rio Grande National Wildlife Refuge in Texas, as well as cases directly concerning the mistreatment of animals, from pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania to wild horses in Nevada. Mr. Crystal has also litigated numerous cases under the Freedom of Information Act and other open government laws.

BA Northwestern University; JD Georgetown University Law Center