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"White Men Can’t Wait to Get Mad About a Black Woman Supreme Court Justice"

January 28, 2022

Jonathan Turley was cited by the Daily Beast about selecting a new Supreme Court justice.

"Bloomberg Markets: What'd You Miss?"

January 27, 2022

William Kovacic appeared on Bloomberg Market’s What’d You Miss to discuss Apple and anti-trust litigation.

"Fox News Panel Reacts to Breyer Retirement with Immediate Backlash to Biden Picking a Black Woman: 'What You're Talking About is Discrimination'"

January 27, 2022

Jonathan Turley’s appearance on Fox News talking about replacing Justice Breyer is cited by Business Insider.

"How the Future Supreme Court Nominee Could Impact the Case on Affirmative Action"

January 27, 2022

Paul Schiff Berman was quoted by Newsweek regarding the impact of a new Supreme Court justice hearing the case against race-conscious college admissions.

"Biden Eyes Long List of Black Female Candidates to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy"

January 27, 2022

Jonathan Turley is quoted by the Washington Times regarding potential judicial replacements for Justice Breyer.

"Biden is Not the First President to Promise to Select His Nominee From a Specific Demographic Group"

January 27, 2022

Jonathan Turley was cited by the New York Times regarding use of gender or race as criteria for picking a Supreme Court justice.

"Biden is Powerless to Change the Direction of the Supreme Court"

January 27, 2022

Jonathan Turley was cited by the Washington Post about Biden’s pledge to nominate a Black woman for the Supreme Court.

"Hannity Says Biden Basing Supreme Court Pick on Gender Unconstitutional—Trump Did the Same"

January 27, 2022

Jonathan Turley’s op-ed is cited by Newsweek regarding criteria for picking Supreme Court nominees.

"Breyer's Rulings Shaped By Wariness Of Intellectual Property"

January 27, 2022

Dmitry Karshtedt was quoted by Law360 regarding Justice Breyer's approach to copyrights and patents.

"A Look into the Life and Legacy of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer"

January 26, 2022

Jeffrey Rosen appeared on NBC News to discuss Justice Stephen Breyer’s legacy on the Court.

"The Court Loses Its Chief Pragmatist"

January 26, 2022

Jeffrey Rosen wrote for the Atlantic about the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer.

"Biden’s Criteria for Replacing Stephen Breyer"

January 26, 2022

Jonathan Turley wrote for the Wall Street Journal about President Biden’s choice to replace Justice Breyer.

"Mountain Valley Pipeline’s Up-And-Down Legal Journey: Explained"

January 26, 2022

Victor B. Flatt spoke with Bloomberg Law about Mountain Valley Pipeline legal obstacles to being completed.

"Best Path to Jan. 6 Accountability: A Civil Suit Against Trump"

January 26, 2022

Alan B. Morrison wrote for the Hill about whether the DOJ can use civil suits to create accountability for Jan. 6.