Litigation & the Judicial Process Faculty

The law school’s Litigation and the Judicial Process Program is directed and taught by full-time faculty members who have extensive experience in mediation and litigation in the private and government sectors. They are joined by distinguished jurists and highly experienced practitioners teaching on an adjunct basis.


Stephen A. Saltzburg

Alfreda Robinson

Full-Time Faculty

Charles B. Craver

Scott B. Pagel

Adjunct Faculty

Ava J. Abramowitz

The Honorable Jeffrey Axelrad

David N. Bowen

Wayne R. Cohen

Judith Conti

Polly Craighill

Geoff Drucker

Norman L. Eule

James H. Falk Sr.

Joshua Gardner

Francis A. Gilligan

Eileen Barkas Hoffman

Robin Juni

Alan LoRe

Susan Lynch

Barry Nudelman

Larry E. Ray

Robin Rachel Runge

Chad T. Sarchio

James Schaller

Sandra Strokoff

Lynn Sylvester

Robert L. Weinberg

G. Bradley Weinsheimer

Rhonda Reid Winston

John P. Wintrol


Iris Lee