LLM in Government Procurement Law

Faculty co-directors: S. Schooner, J. Schwartz, C. Yukins

A minimum of 14 credits from the following courses is required,* including 4 credits graded on the basis of research paper. This typically entails completion of a thesis or two research papers written in connection with two separate 2-credit courses. Any research paper used to satisfy the written work requirement must be at least 8,000 words in length, and U.S. law school graduates must achieve a minimum grade of B+. For students who choose to write a thesis, Thesis (6690-91) and a minimum of 10 credits from the following courses are required. U.S. law school graduates enrolled in the program are expected to complete a thesis. Waiver of the thesis may be granted by the program directors.


Formation of Government Contracts (6502)
Performance of Government Contracts (6503)
Government Contracts Advocacy (6505)
Government Contracts Cost and Pricing (6506)
Comparative Public Procurement (6508)
Government Contracts Seminar (6509)**
Graduate Government Contracts
Placement (6510)
Government Procurement of Intellectual
Property Seminar (6512)
*Contracts I (6202) and Contracts II (6203) also will be available; only students with a non-U.S. law degree who plan to take the New York bar examination may count these courses toward the 14 credits required in the field. **For 2015–2016, Government Contracts Seminars may include Public Affairs and Foreign Affairs Outsourcing,State and Local Procurement, Anti-Corruption, Foreign Government Contracting, Procurement Reform, and Federal Grants Law.