LLM in International & Comparative Law

A minimum of 12 credits from the following courses is required,* including 2 credits graded on the basis of research paper. The research paper must be at least 8,000 words in length, and U.S. law school graduates must achieve a minimum grade of B+. For students who choose to write a thesis, Thesis (6690-91) and a minimum of 12 credits from the following courses are required.


International Taxation (6312)
Trade and Sustainable Development (6435)
International Environmental Law (6454)
International Climate Change Law (6455)
International Copyright Law (6473)
Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the U.S. International Trade Commission (6489)
International and Comparative Patent Law (6490)
International Intellectual Property (6491)
Comparative Public Procurement (6508)
International Law (6520)
International Money Laundering, Corruption, and Terrorism (6521)
International Business Transactions (6522)
The International Competition Law Regime (6523)
International Commercial Law (6524)
International Trade Law (6526)
Advanced International Trade Law (6527)
International Litigation (6528)
International Organizations (6530)
Comparative Law (6532)
International Family Law (6533)
Law of the European Union (6534)
Islamic Law (6535)
Law of Japan (6536)
Traditional Jewish Civil Law (6537)
Immigration Law I (6538)
Immigration Law II (6539)
Refugee and Asylum Law (6540)
International Finance (6541)
International Banking and Investment Law (6542)
Law of the People’s Republic of China (6543)
Foreign Direct Investment (6544)
International Project Finance (6545)
International Law of Human Rights (6546)
Regional Protection of Human Rights (6547)
Space Law (6548)
Chinese Business Law (6549)
Law of the Sea (6550)
Law of War (6552)
U.S. Export Control Law and Regulation (6553)
International Criminal Law (6554)
Comparative Constitutional Law (6555)
International Arbitration (6556)
Introduction to Transactional Islamic Law (6557)
International Negotiations (6558)
Nation Building and the Rule of Law (6559)
Public International Law Seminar (6562)**
Trade Remedy Law (6563)
International Business Transactions Seminar (6564)**
Comparative Law Seminar (6565)**
Human Rights Lawyering (6568)
International Human Rights of Women (6570)
Human Rights and Environmental Protection (6571)
Law of Race and Slavery (6596)
Immigration Clinic (6630)
International Human Rights Clinic (6633)
National Security Law (6870)
U.S. Foreign Relations Law (6871)
Counterterrorism Law (6875)
Nuclear Nonproliferation Law and Policy (6877)
*Conflict of Laws (6234) also will be available; only students with a non-U.S. law degree who plan to take the New York bar examination may count this course toward the 12 credits required in the field.
**For 2015–2016, Public International Law Seminars may include International Human Rights, Post-Conflict Justice, and Arms Control; International Business Transactions Seminars may include International Economic Disputes; Comparative Law Seminars may include Criminal Justice.