Neil H. Buchanan

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Professor of Law
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Neil H. Buchanan is an economist and Professor of Law. In 2019, he will be the Smith Freehills Visitor to the Faculty of Law in the University of Cambridge, and he will also be a visiting scholar at University of Gävle in Sweden.

Professor Buchanan teaches tax law and tax policy, and he has also taught contracts and law and economics. His research addresses the taxing and spending policies of the federal government, focusing on budget deficits, the national debt, health care costs, and Social Security. He also is engaged in a long-running research project that asks how current policy choices should be shaped by concerns for the interests of future generations.

Prior to attending law school, Professor Buchanan was an economics professor, specializing in macroeconomics, the history of economic thought, and economic methodology. He is a columnist for Verdict, and he publishes twice weekly on the legal blog Dorf on Law.

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BA, Vassar College; JD, University of Michigan; MA, PhD (economics), Harvard University; PhD (laws), Monash University (Australia)

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February 01, 2018

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January 28, 2018

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