Stephen D. Knight

Herman Professorial Lecturer in Government Contracts Law


2000 H Street, NW Washington DC 20052

Mr. Knight has been teaching the Government Contracts Cost and Pricing course since 1994. He is a partner in the law firm of Smith Pachter McWhorter & Allen, where he counsels and represents clients in litigation. His work centers on claims and disputes, government contract cost accounting, cost allowability, Cost Accounting Standards, defective pricing, government audits, contract compliance, and procurement fraud. Mr. Knight has specialized in government contracts practice since 1978. He frequently lectures on cost topics and has published widely in the field, including ‘Recovery Auditing’ and ‘Overpayments’: New Law Casts Contractors as Auditors and Agencies as Bounty Hunters, 77-9 Federal Contracts Report 257 (March 2002); Recovery of Restructuring Costs Under Defense Contracts, 98-1 Government Contracts Cost, Pricing & Accounting Report 3 (January 1998) (with J. Roger Holbrook); and Compensation Cost as an Element of Government Contract Pricing, 9 Benefits Law Journal 73 (Winter 1996).

BA, JD, University of Virginia