Student Organizations

Student group meets on the GW Law quad.

Students at GW Law are active and involved members of their academic community. Over the years, they have established over 60 organizations that reflect their diverse interests and concerns. These organizations play an important role beyond that of fostering camaraderie. By sponsoring speakers, hosting panel discussions, and encouraging dialogue on a wide variety of legal issues, the activities of GW Law student organizations have become an important extension of the curriculum. Through these organizations, students also make significant contributions to the Washington, DC-area community.

Student Organizations

Student Bar Association (SBA)

President: George Soussou [email]

Executive Vice President: Adam Weiss [email]

Chief of Staff: Jesse Isleman [email]

Phone: 202.293.1921
Fax: 202.293.1928
2002 G Street, Room 101

All students of the Law School are members of the SBA, the Law School’s student government. Through its elected officers and representatives, the SBA acts as an advocate of the student body, oversees the funding of student organizations, and sponsors a number of social, professional, and community service programs and events. Students take an active role in the academic and institutional development of the School through the SBA’s participation on the faculty–student committees dealing with faculty tenure and appointments, curriculum development, student recruitment, any incidents of discrimination and harassment, and public interest involvement. All students are encouraged to participate in SBA elections and to take advantage of the programs and activities that the SBA sponsors throughout the year, including the First-Year Mentoring Program; the Halloween Party; the Barrister’s Ball; weekly “Bar Reviews”; annual blood, food, and clothing drives; used book sales; as well as several community service projects and activities involving the American Bar Association Law Student Division.

SBA website

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

President: Kristen Tassone [email]

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a national nonprofit organization that works to preserve civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights through legal action, legislative advocacy, and community education. The ACLU–GW Law chapter seeks to promote awareness of issues of concern to the ACLU, including free speech, racial justice, religious freedom, reproductive rights, and equality for underrepresented populations. Members of the ACLU–GW Law work closely with the ACLU of the National Capital Area and have the opportunity to participate in the local chapter’s fund raising and grassroots efforts as well at its student leadership initiative. The ACLU–GW Law works collaboratively with other organizations to host on-campus events, such as movie screenings and presentations by prominent guest speakers.

American Constitution Society

President: Deborah Babalola [email]

The American Constitution Society is a group of law students, faculty, practicing attorneys, and others who seek to restore the fundamental principles of respect for human dignity, protection of individual rights and liberties, equality, and access to justice in American law. To this end, the Society’s goal is to ensure that liberal views are given full consideration in debate, discussion, and decision making related to the creation and interpretation of law in the United States. By harnessing the values of compassion and respect for each individual, and working to reestablish these values in American law and politics, the Society aims to build a stronger and more equitable national community.

Antitrust Law Association

President: Elizabeth Taras [email]  

The Antitrust Law Association (ALA) brings together students with an interest in Antitrust/Competition law and connects them to practitioners in the field. With the help of GW Law faculty that specialize in Antitrust law and a committed executive board, the ALA will hold activities including: career panels, networking events, Antitrust case visits, and panels on current Antitrust events. ALA programs aim to foster an interest of Antitrust law to all students. We will host panels discussing recent and pending cases that impact consumers, and the field of Antitrust law as a whole.  

Contact the Antitrust Law Association

Arab Student Law Association

The Arab Law Student Association is a student organization comprised of law students of arab heritage and descent.  The group's mission is to provide a collegial and professional environment for fellow Arab law students by promoting and encouraging community involvement, discussion of legal issues of pertinent concern to the Arab community and to advertise and provide employment opportunies for Arab law students.

Art Law and Entertainment Society

President: Sara Helmers [email]

The Art Law and Entertainment Society (ALES) promotes awareness of the field of art, cultural heritage, cultural property law and careers, improves students' knowledge of this field and current issues, and maintains contacts with students who may desire to explore art, cultural heritage and cultural property law. This objective shall be met by bringing speakers from private practice, museums, government, and academia onto campus, networking among students and other organization, establishing a professional mentoring program, and maintaining a list of contacts in the art, cultural heritage and cultural property law field by Art Law and Entertainment Society members and alumni.

Contact the Art Law and Entertainment Society

Asian/Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA)

President: Heather Paik

The Asian/Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) is a national organization for Asian/Pacific American and other interested law students. Its goals are to provide academic and social support for incoming as well as continuing students, to assist members in job searches, and to increase Asian/Pacific American enrollment and participation at the Law School. APALSA holds various workshops throughout the semester to help students better orient themselves to the Law School and has instituted a “buddy system,” whereby second- and third-year students act as mentors to first-year students. APALSA fosters a sense of community among Asian/Pacific American students by hosting various social events within the Law School itself or with other APALSA chapters in the region and participating in the annual national APALSA convention.

Contact the Asian/Pacific American Law Students Association

Bar None Project (BNP)

President: Portia-Elaine Gant [email]

The Bar None Project is a student-organized outreach program dedicated to increasing diversity in the legal professions. Our mission is to increase the number of African-American students attending elite law schools by providing LSAT tutoring, one-on-one mentoring and guidance throughout the application process.

Black Law Student Association (BLSA)

President: Jordan Harvey [email

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) at The George Washington University Law School is a service organization aimed at promoting academic excellence, professional development, community service, and social unity among our members. GW BLSA is an official chapter of the National Black Law Students Association. We have been at GW Law for several decades, making positive and influential contributions to the law school and Washington, D.C. communities. Also, in an effort to promote and support a diverse student body at GW Law, BLSA members participate in the recruitment of minority students and provide information to the law school community about the contributions of African-Americans to the field of law. GW BLSA is a very active organization, hosting dozens of academic, professional, service, advocacy, and social events throughout the school year. We invite all GW Law students to join BLSA and participate with us! 

Contact BLSA  

BLSA Website

Christian Legal Society

President: Zachary Tyree [email]

The GW chapter of the Christian Legal Society (CLS) is an organization dedicated to fostering Christian fellowship for students at GW Law and demonstrating Christian values to the student body at large. CLS seeks to provide opportunities for students to serve the local community, network with legal professionals, and engage others on campus by hosting speakers and panel discussions.

Contact the Christian Legal Society

Corporate and Business Law Society (CBLS)

President: Melika Hadziomerovic [email]

The Corporate and Business Law Society encourages the exploration of contemporary issues in corporate and business law. Through a variety of student and alumni events and programs, CBLS aims to educate it members, raise awareness of opportunities available in the field, and facilitate the development of professional contacts.

Corporate and Business Law Society

Criminal Law Society

President: Tom Collins [email]

The Criminal Law Society is a nonpartisan organization whose members are interested in both criminal defense and criminal prosecution. The Society seeks to promote awareness of criminal constitutional rights within the Law School community and throughout the metropolitan area.

Contact the Criminal Law Society

Cyberlaw Students Association (CYLSA)

President: Meghan Green [email]

The Cyberlaw Students Association (CYLSA) is a group committed to cutting edge legal issues related to the internet or computers. These issues include intellectual property, internet privacy, computer crime, and many other subjects.  CYLSA's focus is to provide an avenue for discourse that allows students to learn and critically think about these issues, and to prepare for eventual careers in these areas. This is most typically accomplished by bringing in speakers on key issues and holding cyberlaw-related events.

District of Columbia Public Defender Service Recording Sealing Service (DRSS)

This project provides a platform for GW Law students to assist community members seeking to seal their criminal records. The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia screens community members to ensure eligibility, and DRSS students then assist them with the record sealing process.

Contact DRSS [email]

East Asian Law Society (EALS)

President: John Donnelly [email]

The East Asian Law Society (EALS) seeks to promote awareness of the legal environment in East Asian countries. We facilitate this primarily by creating opportunities for the discussion and analysis of relevant issues. Topics that we address encompass issues of political-economy, law and society and trans-national legal issues. Within these broad categories we seek to foster thoughtful dialogue on issues such as: corporate governance, domestic and trans-national transactional law issues and human rights. We encourage all who are interested in East Asian law to join us.

Contact the East Asian Law Society

Education Law & Advocacy Network (ELAN)

Executive Director: LeighAnn Smith [email]

The Education Law & Advocacy Network is an interdisciplinary organization for students interested in issues that pertain to the intersection of education and law. Our goals include: fostering an open dialogue about current issues affecting education, and promoting student awareness of and access to experiences and career opportunities in relevant fields.

Contact the Education Law & Advocacy Network

Entertainment and Sports Law Association (ESPLA)

Co-Presidents: Preston Barclay and John McGeehan

ESPLA provides students interested in entertainment and sports law with a forum for expanding their knowledge in the field. The organization sponsors workshops, lectures, and panel discussions featuring prominent figures in the entertainment and sports industries. These programs focus on the basics of entertainment and sports law such as copyrights, trademarks, contract negotiations, athlete and artist representation, licensing, and endorsements. ESPLA provides information regarding career opportunities, assists with research and networking, and informs students about conferences, forums, and competitions.

Contact ESPLA  

Environmental Law Association (ELA)

President: Sarah Keller [email]

The Environmental Law Association (ELA) organizes and participates in a variety of environmental law events. Each year, the ELA convenes high-profile environmental law panels, organizes a rafting trip open to all GW Law students, hosts environmental law career panels, and sponsors a “Meet the Professors Night.” The ELA also provides members with opportunities to share information regarding GW’s extensive environmental law course offerings and tips on finding environmental law positions with firms, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies. The ELA is an active member of the National Association of Environmental Law Societies (NAELS). Notably, the ELA hosted the 17th Annual NAELS Conference at GW, featuring former Vice President Al Gore.

ELA website

Equal Justice Foundation (EJF)

President: Emily Blake [email]

As member of Equal Justice Works, the Equal Justice Foundation (EJF) is committed to promoting public interest law and community service. Each year, EJF organizes an auction to support students working over the summer in public interest legal positions and a 5K race to raise money for GW’s Loan Repayment Program. EJF also helps organize community service activities and encourages interest in access to justice issues. EJF is a vital organization for those committed to helping others, strengthening our communities, and making a positive impact upon society. Participation from all students is welcome.

EJF website

Contact the Equal Justice Foundation

Evening Law Student Association (ELSA)

President: Christopher Packard [email]

ELSA serves as a forum for any student who is interested in promoting the academic, professional and social advancement of the evening law student community at GW Law. The organization is especially focused on ensuring that the administration understands and is reminded of the special circumstances of evening students and the value-added that they bring to the community.

ELSA’s Executive Board includes the evening student representatives of the SBA Senate, which makes it a great sounding board for the issues, concerns, and suggestions of evening students who are primarily on campus on weeknights, hold full-time jobs, and have families, spouses, and community responsibilities. ELSA’s aim is to enhance the evening student experience at GW Law and to give these students an opportunity to participate more fully in campus activities. To get involved e-mail

Visit the ELSA on Facebook

Family Law Society

The Family Law Society consists of students interested in the laws governing the creation, regulation and dissolution of family relationships, from child care to elder care and everything in between. Our mission is to foster a greater appreciation for the reach and complexity of modern family law, to facilitate dialogue on contentious family law issues, to encourage the study and practice of family law, and to advance best practices in family law.

We pursue our mission through the following types of events:

  • Hosting a Speaker Series
  • Attending local court cases of interest
  • Attending family law CLE’s
  • Hosting family law "family dinners" with member discussions
  • Facilitating opportunities to volunteer in the community
  • Creating a network of local family law practitioners
  • Hosting fundraising events

The Federalist Society

Co-Presidents: Michelle Riestra and Griffin Foster [email]

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of government powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Society seeks both to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities. This entails reordering priorities within the legal system to place a premium on individual liberty, traditional values, and the rule of law. It also requires restoring the recognition of the importance of these norms among lawyers, judges, and law professors. In working to achieve these goals, the Society has created a conservative intellectual network that extends to all levels of the legal community.

The Feminist Forum

Co-presidents: J. Erin Torres [email

The Feminist Forum is dedicated to promoting the equal and fair treatment for all individuals regardless of gender, class, sexuality, or race by engaging the Law School in both traditional and innovative ways. The group strives to create a world where all women and men can freely make their own choices by ensuring that those choices are freely available. The Feminist Forum has organized a number of events including: "Law School and Life: A Feminist’s Guide" for incoming students; film and speaker series for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Black History Month, and Women's History Month; Roe v. Wade Anniversary events; "Equality Rocks!" fund-raiser concert at DC9; "Out of Africa: Women’s Rights to Property, Inheritance, and their Bodies"; "Is this what a feminist looks like? An Exploration of Feminism from a Male Perspective"; “The Sex Industry: Empowerment or Objectification?"; and many other events that endeavor to ask tough questions and tackle controversial issues. The Forum's Lifetime Feminist Award is given annually to a graduating student who is pursuing a career in feminist-inspired lawyering.

Contact the Feminist Forum

Finance and International Trade Law Society (FITL)

President: Henry Loyer [email]

The Finance and International Trade Law Society concentrates on issues involving banking and securities law practice. Our group works closely with the Center for Law, Economics and Finance (C-LEAF) to encourage discussion surrounding these areas of law. Additionally, we seek to help our members understand the modern practice of banking law and securities law, how recent regulatory changes, such as the Dodd-Frank Act, have impacted these practices, and what opportunities are available in these different areas.

Contact the Finance and International Trade Law Society

Government Contracts Students Association (GCSA)

Gulf Recovery Network (GRN)

President: Aaron Levin [email]

The Gulf Recovery Network (GRN) is a student-run organization that was created in response to the havoc wreaked against the New Orleans area by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Every year since its inception, GRN has coordinated a service trip to New Orleans, enabling GW Law students to participate in legal work or physical assistance in an effort to rebuild the area. Participants enjoy the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience over their winter break, engaging in what may be their first pro bono experience of their legal careers. This spring, GRN hopes to host a discussion with experts on the legal issues that have developed as a result of the recent tragedies that have hit the Gulf Coast.

Contact the Gulf Recovery Network

GW Basketball Association (GWBA)

GW Law Democrats

President: Kelly Archung [email]

The GW Law Democrats is an organization devoted to networking, leadership training, and promoting awareness of important issues in politics and the law. Members are frequently involved in election campaigns and recruiting guest speakers. Membership is free and open to the Law School community. The group also maintains contact with local and national Democratic organizations.

GW Law Democrats website

GW Law Running Club

GW Law Softball Club

Contact: Amanda Danforth [email]

GW Law Softball Club holds informal practices every weekend. We also host fundamentals sessions for players who are new or want to brush up on their skills. We welcome players of all ability and experience.

The GW Law Softball Club participates in two tournaments each year. GW Law hosts a tournament in the fall semester for local law schools that takes place on the National Mall. The team also attends the annual UVA Law Softball Tournament, which takes place in Charlottesville, Virginia, typically on the first weekend of April, and benefits the Children, Youth and Family Services of Charlottesville. GW sends three or four teams to the two-day, double elimination tournament each year, to compete against more than 100 other teams from law schools around the country. The group sends competitive and recreational teams, so players of all skill levels and experience are encouraged to come out and play. In addition, the Softball Club holds fundraisers in the fall and spring semesters to help cover registration, equipment, uniform, and accommodations costs. In past years, fund-raising efforts combined with school funding have resulted in a virtually free weekend of fun for all participants.

Contact the GW Law Softball Club

Hispanic Law Student Association (HLSA)

President: Stephanie Samayoa [email]

The Hispanic Law Student Association (HLSA) provides support and educational services to Hispanic and other students at the Law School, while fostering an appreciation for Hispanic language and culture. HLSA also encourages its members to become involved in public interest organizations in the metropolitan area, particularly the D.C. Law Students in Court program and Ayuda. HLSA activities have included hosting speakers to discuss career and legal topics and holding meetings to provide support and assistance to first-year students with summer job searches, moot court competitions, and final examinations. HLSA sponsors several social events each year. All students are welcome to participate in HLSA, especially those who have an interest in Latin American cultures or the Spanish language.

HLSA website

Contact HLSA

Human Rights Law Society (HRLS)

President: Bryan Cenko [email]

The goals of GW's Human Rights Law Society are to promote human rights advocacy, raise awareness of national and international human rights issues, and support students interested in human rights work. HRLS works closely with GW's International Human Rights Clinic and the Amnesty International Legal Support Network, which includes law students, lawyers, and judges. HRLS also sponsors a number of events throughout the year, including panel discussions, networking opportunities, fundraisers, and its annual Human Rights Conference.

Human Rights Law Society website

Contact the Human Rights Law Society

Immigration Law Association (ILA)

President: Vincent Rivas-Flores [email]

Founded in the Spring Semester of 2009, the Immigration Law Association (ILA) strives to:

Promote awareness of immigration law and careers therein, Improve The George Washington University Law School's community's knowledge of immigration law and current immigration issues, and maintain contacts with students who may desire to explore immigration law. This objective shall be met by bringing speakers onto campus, administering educational events, and networking among students and other organizations.

Promote immigration pro bono work and advocacy opportunities for students. This objective shall be met organizing events with local public interest organizations and promoting them to the student population.'

Immigration Law Association Website

Contact the Immigration Law Association

International Law Society (ILS)

President: Dan Fiedler [email]

ILS is one of the largest and most active student organizations at the Law School. Throughout the year, ILS presents guest speakers, sponsors social functions, and promotes career development activities such as lunches with practitioners. Each year ILS hosts International Law Week, offering professional and social activities, including visits to the State Department and D.C. law firms for discussions with partners and associates in international practices, a career fair of international public agencies, several speakers and panel discussions, and concluding with an embassy reception. In past years panels have addressed topics such as international arbitration, trade, human rights, and international business law.

ILS website

Contact ILS

The Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP)

President: Anna Lindrooth [email]

The Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) is a national student-led organization founded by law students at Yale University in 2007. IRAP provides legal representation and policy advocacy on behalf of Iraqi refugees and other vulnerable populations in the Middle East and beyond. The organization now has over a dozen law school chapters nation-wide, including a chapter at the University of Jordan in Amman. As a result of IRAP's work, over 400 refugees have been successfully resettled in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland, and Germany. The GW Law chapter was established in fall 2011.

Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA)

President: Charles Cohen [email]

JLSA brings Jewish law students together both socially and intellectually. JLSA sponsors a number of social events in conjunction with other area law schools, including Georgetown and American Universities, and arranges for speakers to visit the Law School to discuss Jewish–American legal concerns on current political issues. JLSA also provides information regarding the celebration of Jewish holidays in D.C. and Jewish events around town. JLSA works with the GW Hillel, which shares many resources, activities, and programming ideas. The Hillel is also the location of the nearest kosher restaurant and functions as a food co-op for kosher meat and other products. JLSA is a member of the National Law Students Network, which links Jewish law students throughout the nation and promotes Jewish awareness and education.

J. Reuben Clark Law Society

President: Steven Glauser [email]

The J. Reuben Clark Law Society is an international law society composed of LDS attorneys, law students, and others who seek to affirm the strength brought to law by a lawyer's personal religious convictions. Members strive through public service and professional excellence to promote fairness and virtue founded upon the rule of law.

J. Reuben Clark Law Society website

Lambda Law

Co-Presidents: Darby Rappuhn [email] and David Hart [email]

Lambda Law is an organization of students interested in gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) legal issues, employment concerns, and the fostering of tolerance and awareness on campus. The organization provides a network for professional and social interaction between GLBT and ally students, faculty, and legal professionals, and for the education of the Law School community about issues facing GLBT individuals. Since its foundation in 1989, Lambda Law has become a visible and active force at the Law School. The organization was involved in adding ‘sexual orientation’ to GW’s nondiscrimination policy, developing and implementing programs with the Career Development Office regarding legal job search issues facing GLBT students, and discussing the Law School’s position toward issues concerning military recruiters on campus. Ongoing events include a mentor program with GLBT attorneys in Washington, discussions on current legal issues and developments, attendance at national legal conferences, educational activities for major advocacy events such as National Coming Out Day and Freedom to Marry Day, and social events with the Law School and other local law student groups. All students are welcome and encouraged to join Lambda Law in an effort to increase awareness and acceptance at the Law School.

Lambda Law on Facebook

Law Association for Women (LAW)

President: Kate Watkins [email]

The Law Association for Women (LAW) promotes greater awareness of issues affecting women, and in particular women attorneys. LAW strives to provide support for women law students by sponsoring activities and establishing contacts with women lawyers. The “Women in the Round” program provides a forum for law students and attorneys to discuss the legal profession from a female perspective and discuss common concerns. LAW also sponsors “Belva Lockwood Week,” an annual event honoring the first woman to run for president and argue before the Supreme Court. Belva Lockwood Week events have included brown bag lunches, speakers, and films about women and the law. All students with an interest in issues facing women and women lawyers are encouraged to join LAW.

LAW website

Contact LAW

Law Revue

Director: Laurie Geigel [email]

The annual Law Revue show allows GW Law students to display their ‘hidden’ talents as singers, dancers, musicians, choreographers, song and script writers, and stagehands. The Law Revue players spoof, among other things, law school, their professors, the legal profession, current events, and their fellow students for the benefit of their audience—the rest of the Law School community.

Contact Law Revue

Law Students for Reproductive Justice

President: Caitlin Bancroft [email]

GW Law Students for Reproductive Justice is committed to educating, organizing, and supporting pro-choice law students to ensure that a new generation of lawyers will be prepared to successfully defend and expand reproductive rights. Law Students for Reproductive Justice is a student-driven national organization committed to increasing education and professional training in reproductive rights law.

LSRJ Website

Contact LSRJ

Military Law Society

President: Warren Bianchi [email]

The George Washington University Law School's Military Law Society (GW MLS) is dedicated to promoting knowledge and awareness of military law issues affecting students, legal professionals, and members of America's armed forces.

The society promotes scholarly discussion of military law, veterans’ law, national security law and related law topics, and builds professional ties between interested students, the law school, and the Washington, D.C. community. The organization is also committed to professional development and provides its membership and all law students opportunities to pursue internships and careers in the relevant areas of law.

Additionally, the society serves as an advocate organization for law student veterans, providing numerous resources academically, professionally and legally to our nation’s heroes. We are also dedicated to pro bono work and general community service, and have participated in many military affiliated community service opportunities, and provide assistance with various pro bono projects that provide legal services for our servicemembers and veterans.

Email us at to join our listserv.




Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA)

Co-Presidents: Noor Hamadeh [email] and Salwa Kamal [email]

The Muslim Law Students Association provides a religious, social, and career network for Muslim law students both within the Law School and in the larger Muslim legal community. MLSA is dedicated to enriching the intellectual diversity of the Law School by hosting events related to Islamic law and other issues affecting Muslims both domestically and internationally. MLSA works in conjunction with a broad-based coalition of student organizations on campus and in the Washington, DC area.

Contact the Muslim Law Students Association

National Lawyers Guild

Co-President: Tom Clees [e-mail]
Co-President: Derek Woodman [e-mail]

The National Lawyers Guild is an association dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of the political and economic system. The GW chapter seeks to unite law students with lawyers in an organization driven by the need to regard human rights as more sacred than property interests. Members act as legal observers for protests in the Washington, D.C., area, run public awareness and letter-writing campaigns, organize panel discussions, provide volunteer assistance to attorneys working on political cases, and generally support commitment to progressive lawyering.

National Security Law Association (NSLA)

The National Security Law Association (NSLA) was created to help educate GW Law's future lawyers about issues related to national security and to provide a forum for discussion of such issues among students, practitioners, and faculty. NSLA sponsors panel discussions, keynote speakers, and career networking events. In addition, NSLA provides members with the opportunity each semester to attend a dinner with a practitioner of national security law. In the past year, NSLA has held panels on the International Criminal Court, the legal ramifications of the U.S. government employing private security contractors, and intelligence surveillance.

Contact the NSLA


Native American Law Student Association (NALSA)

President: Chandos Culleen [email]

The Native American Law Students Association of (NALSA) is dedicated to promoting awareness of the legal, political, and social issues affecting Native American, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian, and all other indigenous peoples. NALSA seeks to promote the study and development of Indian law by providing a forum for the discussion of indigenous rights, issues, and concerns; through promoting the development of an Indian law curriculum; and by educating all law students, educators, administrators, and the general public on indigenous rights and concerns. NALSA seeks to reach out to native communities and encourage native peoples to pursue legal education. Furthermore, NALSA intends to recruit and retain Native American law students and to provide the academic and social support necessary for native students to successfully complete a legal education.

Contact the Native American Law Students Association

Nota Bene

Editor-in-Chief: Randall S. Wood [email]

Nota Bene is the student-run newspaper of the Law School. Published bi-weekly during the academic year in 14 issues annually, Nota Bene provides students and faculty with news about and of interest to the School and allows members of the Law School community to voice their opinions and engage in dialogue through commentaries and editorials. Each year Nota Bene has a staff of about 20 students, and all are welcome to make contributions for publication. 

Nota Bene Website

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD)

President: Chris Ohslund [email]

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD), a coeducational service fraternity, was founded in 1902 in order to promote professional competency and achievement within the legal profession. PAD is the world's largest law fraternity with more than 200 pre-law chapters, 183 law school chapters, and 95 alumni chapters in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The fraternity has initiated more than 200,000 members into chapters at accredited schools. It was the first law fraternity to admit women. Benefits to student members include the availability of PAD student loans, participation in social programs, and establishment of alumni contacts. PAD offers students leadership development opportunities and practical legal education through its service to both students and the community.

PAD website

Contact PAD

Phi Delta Phi (PDP)

President: Patrick Fortune [email]

Founded in 1869 to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture, PDP is the oldest national or international association in the legal profession. PDP has chapters in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, and current members include Supreme Court Justices Rehnquist, O’Connor, Scalia, Kennedy, and Stevens. The GW chapter of PDP, the John Marshall Inn, is an honors chapter. Students gain membership to PDP at GW through academic performance or membership on a journal or skills board. PDP offers members many venues to develop leadership skills and participate in community service activities. Benefits to members include scholarships, an outline file, a student loan program, the opportunity to make alumni connections, and discounts on bar review courses. PDP sponsors a number of annual events at the Law School, including social, ethics, and charitable functions.

PDP website

Planning and Law Society (PALS)

President: Dan Hardcastle [email]

The Planning and Law Society explores the intersection of city planning, land use law, and urban policy. We host speakers, sponsor panels, and seek to be a part of the conversation on how Washington grows and evolves. Some of the most influential ideas about how cities should function in the 21st Century are coming out of DC. With key authors, advocates, and organizations based in the District, plus a major federal role, we hope to bring a wealth of opportunities to campus.

PALS on Facebook

Political Law Society

President: Kristy Shaulis [email]

The Political Law Society (PLS) is a nonpartisan student organization that welcomes all points of view on issues ranging from campaign finance reform, to state challenger law, to voter identification requirements, to proposals to privatize elections. PLS will strive to promote awareness of election law and careers therein, improve students' knowledge of election law and current election law issues, and maintain contacts with students who  desire to explore election law. This objective shall be met by bringing speakers onto campus, networking among students and other organizations, and maintaining a list of contacts of PLS members and alumni.  Additionally, through an open dialgoue, PLS will attempt to foster new ideas and encourage its members to contribute to the growing body of election law scholarship.

Contact the Political Law Society

Promissory Notes (PN)

The Promissory Notes was founded at GW Law in the fall of 2009 by a group of students seeking to share their music with each other and with other students at GW Law. What began as a musical outlet and a break from studying quickly transformed into an opportunity to contribute to the greater GW and Washington, DC community.

Contact the Promissory Notes

Society of European Law Students (SELS)

President: Margaux Roussel [email]

Co-Vice President and Treasurer : Paulina Starostka [email]

Co-Vice President and Secretary: Baya Hariche [email]

The Society of European Law Students ("SELS") of the George Washington University Law School is established for the purpose of supporting an intellectual and professional environment as well as providing a platform for networking for European students and students interested in European law at GW Law. This is especially aimed at providing assistance for new European students enrolling at GW Law and at providing an opportunity for American and other International students interested in studying or working in Europe to make first contacts.

Furthermore promoting European Union law and law in Europe at GW Law is another core goal of SELS. This is in particular achieved by organizing information sessions and other events on important legal topics in relation to current events in Europe. Last but not least SELS wants to encourage other European students to apply for JD, LLM and SJD programs at GW Law.  In short the four missions through which SELS is accomplishing these goals are: 

  • Academic Wellbeing
  • Networking and Professional Development
  • Promotion of GW Law community
  • European Law Awareness 


South Asian Law Student Association (SALSA)

President: Saima Ahmed [email]

The South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) provides a social, academic, and career network for law students of South Asian heritage and encourages members to develop an understanding of how the law can be used as a vehicle for social transformation. To help its members establish invaluable social and career connections, SALSA sponsors a number of projects and events at the Law School, including cultural celebrations and a mentoring program for first-year students.

If you have any questions about our organization, wish to join our listserv, or would like to inform our executive board about an upcoming event or opportunity, please email

Space Law Society (SLS)

President: Sina Kimiagar [email]

The GW Space Law Society (SLS) promotes the discussion, development, and practice of law as it affects the pursuit of space exploration. SLS seeks to engage students in ongoing conversation with practicing attorneys and policy makers on both modern and historical issues of Space Law, as it affects both domestic space exploration efforts and international cooperation in outer-space activities. SLS encourages students to develop new ideas for sustainable legal solutions in novel and expanding areas of Space Law. And SLS works to connect students with opportunities to practice Space Law in the professional field. SLS will raise awareness among the student body for this exciting and growing body of law, and will lead the way through the 21st Century.

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Street Law

Co-President: Jonathan Seymour  [email]
Co-President: Joseph Eggleston [email]

Law is a volunteer organization that endeavors to teach basic civics and legal lessons to students in the Washington, DC area. Our goal is to impart practical knowledge that students can relate to and use in their everyday lives. Volunteers can choose their own level of involvement in Street Law, from weekly teaching placements to single day events. Additionally, volunteers can choose to serve on our Education Committee, which develops our lesson plans - no teaching experience is required.

Examples of our programs include curriculum for 7th grade students that revolve around criminal law and 8th grade curriculum focused on constitutional law. In each context, students learned about their basic rights, where they came from, and how to exercise them in their everyday lives. When teaching high school students, possible lessons might include topics on credit cards and residential leases, as these students can truly benefit from such practical knowledge.

Street Law website 

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF)

President: Genette Gaffney [email

The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system. SALDF also seeks to raise the profile of the field of animal law. SALDF is involved in a variety of activities promoting animal law. SALDF each semester hosts several speaker events, the Washington Humane Society’s Mobile Adoption Center and a pet photo contest. SALDF also participates in local animal charity events such as the Poplar Spring 5k Run for the Animals and the HSUS Walk for animals and National Meatout Day. SALDF assists in the administration of the Animal Welfare Legal Reform Project, an independent pro bono project through which law students participate in activities helping to reform and improve enforcement of animal welfare laws in the District of Columbia. 

SALDF website

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Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

President: Brandon Paroly [email]

Founded in the spring of 2010, the Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is committed to improving GW Law School community’s knowledge of drug-related issues. This includes promoting debate about drug laws and reform, informing students about careers in drug policy, and recruiting students interested in drug law and related areas. SSDP also performs activities in the community that promote reform in current drug laws, facilitate interaction and networking between students, and encourage participation in pro bono work and other advocacy opportunities.

Student Health Law Association (SHLA)

President: Alexandra Barbee [email]

The Student Health Law Association (SHLA) was established to increase student interest in the growing field of health law, based on the premise that as health care grows, so too does the demand for excellent health lawyers. The SHLA informs students about local seminars on health law and sponsors programs that introduce students to attorneys practicing in diverse areas of this field.

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Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA)

President: Matt Rosenberg [email]

SIPLA is committed to exposing GW Law students to the aspects of the intellectual property law profession that are unique to Washington, D.C. SIPLA draws upon leaders in the field not only to explore the traditional intellectual property law disciplines of patent, trademark, and copyright law, but also unfair trade practices, antitrust, computer law, technology licensing, sports law, entertainment law, and communications law. Lecturers sponsored by SIPLA have included the president of the American Intellectual Property Law Association, the former commissioner of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and intellectual property practitioners and academics from around the country. SIPLA is committed to enhancing GW Law students’ career options by providing unmatched networking opportunities, a nationally distributed SIPLA resume digest, and a chance to interact with hundreds of intellectual property law alumni from around the country.

SIPLA Website

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Tax Law Society (TLS)

President: Jeff Romero [email]
Vice-President: Danielle LaBree
Secretary: Natalie Walet
Treasurer: Tatiana Golikova

The Tax Law Society is established to promote awareness among students and alumni of the opportunities provided by the study and practice of tax law. Through a variety of student and alumni events and programs, TLS ultimately aims to educate it members, raise awareness of opportunities available in the field, and facilitate the development of professional contacts. 

TLS also acts as a student resource on tax law courses and professors at the Law School. Our organization is open to law students of all levels. 

Vintners & Brewers Legal Society

President: Kathryn Thornton [email]

The mission of the GW Law Vintners & Brewers Legal Society (“VBLS”) is to provide a venue for its members to learn about relevant legal issues that impact the production, distribution, and consumption of wine, beer, and spirits in the alcohol beverage industry. We also aim to educate its members and the greater GW Law community on different wines, beers, and spirits from around the world and to encourage the appreciation of products as it relates to our overarching goals. The VBLS provides a range of networking and social events that will help students become a part of the conversation regarding the evolving legal issues this world faces and build professional relationships within the industry.  

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