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Thank you for your interest in applying to the George Washington University Law School! Located four blocks from the White House, three blocks from the U.S. State Department, and across the street from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, we are truly in the heart of Washington, DC. Working with our dynamic faculty and engaged alumni, we strive to create personal pathways to help our students achieve their goals. Feel free to stop by to say hello and take a tour. We look forward to meeting you and reviewing your application.

Note that 1L application fees have been waived.

Contact us at 700 20th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20052 | [email protected] | 202.994.7230

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2023-2024 JD Viewbook Brochure

Discover the unparalleled opportunities for academic growth, hands-on experience, and a supportive community that sets our JD program apart from other schools. Explore the dynamic curriculum and unique features that make the GW Law experience a stepping stone to success in your legal profession.

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GW Law Comes to You

GW Law Admissions traveled throughout the country this fall to meet with prospective students, and we'll be traveling to more campuses early in 2024. We hope to meet you at one of these events! 

Full Schedule
School Date
Amherst College November 6
Arizona State University October 27
Atlanta LSAC Forum October 6
Auburn University January 24
Baruch College, City University of New York October 12
Boston Law Fair September 9
Boston University September 28
Bowie State University October 10
Brandeis University September 27
Brigham Young University October 25
Bryn Mawr College - Virtual October 4
Carleton College September 14
Chicago LSAC Forum September 23
Claremont-McKenna College October 27
Columbia University October 11
Cornell University September 26
Digital LSAC Forum October 11
Digital LSAC Forum November 14
Dillard University September 25
Drexel University October 24
Duke University September 6
Emory University January 22
Florida A&M University October 24
Florida State University October 25
George Washington University October 9
Georgia Institute of Technology October 5
Hamilton College November 1
Hampton University September 29
Haverford College - Virtual October 4
HBCU Law Expo, Washington, DC September 22
Howard University November 4
James Madison University November 6
Johns Hopkins University September 18
Los Angeles LSAC Forum October 28
Louisiana State University September 25
Macalester College September 14
Miami LSAC Forum September 30
Michigan State University October 27
MINK Law Day, Overland Park, KS September 6
Montclair State University October 11
Morehouse College October 5
National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair November 17
New Orleans Aspiring Law Student Expo September 23
New York LSAC Forum October 13-14
New York University October 12
Northwestern University September 27
Ohio State University October 17
Ohio University October 19
Penn State University October 10
Phi Alpha Delta Law Expo, Arlington, VA October 27
Pomona College October 27
Rice University September 20
Rollins College February 15
Scripps College October 27
Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus Law School Panel October 11
SEO Catalyst Virtual Law School Tour September 21
Swarthmore College - Virtual October 4
Texas A&M University September 20
Tougaloo College Founders Week in October
Tuskegee University TBD
University of Alabama January 25
University of Arizona October 26
University of California, Los Angeles October 23rd and 25
University of California, Santa Barbara October 24
University of Central Florida February 15th
University of Chicago September 27
University of Colorado October 23
University of Florida October 12
University of Florida First Generation Lawyers Event October 16
University of Georgia October 2
University of Georgia - Washington Program Consortium in DC November 3
University of Illinois August 14
University of Maine November 3
University of Maryland Baltimore County

September 18

University of Miami March 20
University of Michigan October 25
University of Minnesota September 13
University of Notre Dame September 22
University of Pittsburgh October 18
University of Richmond September 19
University of South Carolina October 4
University of Southern California October 26
University of Tennessee October 2
University of Texas September 18-19
University of Utah October 24
University of Virginia November 8
University of Washington November 1
Vassar College TBD
Virginia Tech October 2
Virginia Commonwealth University September 19
Washington, DC LSAC Forum July 13
Washington and Lee University November 7
William & Mary September 19
Wellesley College September 27

Virtual Sessions

Ask Me Anything Sessions

AMAs for waitlisted students
These sessions are specifically geared toward waitlisted students who have questions about the waitlist process.  We will walk you through the process, and welcome any questions you have.

AMA for waitlisted students - Tuesday, April 30 at 3 pm 

AMA for waitlisted students - Thursday, May 2 at 3 pm

Student Ambassador Drop-In Sessions

Are you a prospective student interested in learning more about student life at GW Law? Then go straight to the source and join a virtual drop-in session with our Student Ambassadors. Please find dates and registration information below.  

Monday, February 26 at 6 pm - Registration closed

Tuesday, March 19 at 6 pm - Registration closed

Tuesday, April 16 at 6 pm - Register

New & Now at GW Law

Conquering Peaks, Defying Odds: Saul Luciano Lliuya, “The Hero of the Andes”

April 22, 2024

GW Law students Fiorella Valladares and Maria LeLourec traveled to Peru to meet a climate justice activist whose case could set an important precedent.

George Washington University Hosts Environmental Law Symposium with Keynote and Panels Devoted to Hope

April 19, 2024

GW Law student James Crisafulli won the Grodsky Prize for the year’s best paper on environmental law.

Introducing the GW Law Election Expert Hub

April 18, 2024

Your go-to source for 2024 Election insights.

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