Study Abroad & Exchange Programs

GW Law offers seven diverse programs for students to study abroad in other parts of the world.

Our Programs

In accordance with Paragraph I.A.3 of the American Bar Association Criteria for Student Study at a Foreign Institution as amended March 2014, GW Law issues the following statement that defines the educational objectives that the law school seeks to achieve in allowing students to study abroad for credit towards the JD degree:

In order to compete and contribute meaningfully in the world, GW Law students must comprehend and appreciate the laws and cultures of countries other than the United States. They must become comfortable with other cultures and languages, and understand how our view of the law, culturally and intellectually as citizens of the United States, may differ from that of our global neighbors. Our students must realize that these factors impact all aspects of law, internationally and internally, in many different transactions and settings. GW Law has a global reach and is committed to providing these opportunities for its students through working with a number of partner schools throughout the world.