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An image of a pill bottle with pills spilling out of it.

Read Now: "The Opioid Litigation Wars"

January 24, 2020
Professor Emeritus Peter H. Meyers is quoted by the Washington Lawyer on how drug manufacturers are taking a cue from the Big Tobacco lawsuits of the 1980s. He says a recent opioid case in Oklahoma is likely to set precedent for ongoing legislation.
A photo of people in red, white, and blue standing together to form a large image of the United States of America.

Glicksman Explores Good and Bad Design Of Government

January 24, 2020
Professor Robert L. Glicksman examines how government is designed and proposes a framework to improve institutions in his new book Reorganizing Government. "Government should be a function of good design."
Image of a scale that is illustrated in stars

NASA and Faculty Experts Discuss the Future of Space Law

January 22, 2020
Professor Lin Harmon-Walker and her colleagues discussed economics, environmental, government procurement, and international law. GW Space Law Society, a student organization, hosted the event.
Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr. speaks at a panel during the 2020 AALS Annual Meeting

Faculty Presents on Law, Representation, and Knowledge at AALS

January 17, 2020
Twelve GW Law faculty members presented at the Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting, which included moderated panels and interactive discussions where attendees discussed pressing legal issues.
Portrait of Lawrence A. Cunningham

Professor Cunningham Writes About Buffett's Berkshire Business Model in New Book

January 15, 2020
In Margin of Trust, Professor Lawrence A. Cunningham details Warren Buffett and his company, Berkshire Hathaway, and Buffet's legendary investing approach.
Grace Speights stands with four other African American Managing Partners for the National Law Journal January cover story.

"The Vanguard and the Vision: A Key Network Binds African American Managing Partners"

January 13, 2020
Grace Speights, JD '82, is featured by The National Law Journal for her part in building a network to build a more diverse legal profession.
Portrait images of Namoi R. Cahn, Steven A. Saltzburg, and Catherine J. Ross

Three Professors Give Expert Opinions in Forbes on Marital Privileges

January 09, 2020
With allegations against former Nissan executive Carlos Ghosn, Professor Naomi R. Cahn writes about Carole Ghosn's rights, citing Professors Stephen A. Saltzburg and Catherine J. Ross for their expertise in marital privilege.
Image of a man and woman on a scale, with a person tipping the scale in favor of the man.

Listen Now: "Gender Bias and the Myth of Parental Alienation"

January 08, 2020
How does a mother alleging abuse affect custody decisions? Professor Joan S. Meier talks with One in Ten, a National Children's Alliance podcast, about her research into family court gender bias.
Image of a sunrise overlooking a valley of wind turbines

Environmental Article on Citizen Science Honored for Impact

January 06, 2020
The Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review gave honorable mention to an article co-authored by Professor Robert Glicksman, Jecoliah Williams, JD '19, and Associate Dean LeRoy Paddock.
Photo of the Constitution of the United States

Read Now: "Impeachment Is a Political Process, Not a Judicial One"

December 20, 2019
Associate Dean Alan B. Morrison writes for the National Law Journal that Article 1 of the Constitution mandates the House and the Senate with determining "the rules of its proceedings" in impeachment hearings.
Portrait of Jeffrey Rosen

Rosen Details Life and Legacy of RBG in New Book

December 18, 2019
Professor Rosen's book, Conversations With RBG, looks at Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life and legal legacy through personal vignettes and conversations between him and the Justice.
Damilola Arowolaju asks a question of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a CNN Town Hall.

GW Law SBA President Asks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi About Impeachment

December 16, 2019
During a CNN Town Hall, Damilola Arowolaju, 3L, asked Speaker Pelosi what information Senate Republicans needed to break party lines and impeach President Trump.
Graphic of a same-sex couple and a baby

Suter Talks Future of In-Vitro Gametogenesis

December 13, 2019
Professor Suter spoke to leapsmag about new medical technology that would allow same-sex couples and single individuals to have children. "It would allow people to reproduce together who were not able to previously."
Professor Stephen A. Saltzburg poses with his Trial Lawyer Excellence Award.

Saltzburg Honored for Work on Class Action Lawsuit

December 10, 2019
Wallace and Beverley Woodbury University Professor of Law Stephen A. Saltzburg was honored for his work on a class-action lawsuit from the Jury Verdict Reporter, a division of Chicago-based Law Bulletin Media.
Yue Meng stands with other female entrepreneurs for a photo

Meng Chosen For Female Entrepreneurship Program

December 06, 2019
Dr. Meng participated in the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship's two-day female entrepreneurship program, which provided training, mentorship, and networking opportunities.