Why GW Law?

Why should you choose GW Law? We'll give you five reasons, for starters.

Exceptional Legal Education

GW Law students are taught by world-class scholars and seasoned practitioners. With more than 275 elective courses, our students can undertake a broad but in-depth of exploration of the law. We invest in each student's success through strong academic and personal support, which includes mentorship, networking, and one-on-one career counseling that emphasizes helping students find the area of the law best suited to their interests.

Ideal Location in Washington, D.C.

Our location in the heart of Washington, D.C., places our students at the center of the most dynamic legal and policy activity in the United States. The White House, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the U.S. State Department, Big Law on K Street, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit are within easy walking distance of campus. A short ride on the Metro, which has a convenient station on campus, allows students to hear arguments at the Supreme Court in the morning and return for classes that afternoon.

Hands-on Learning Opportunities

Because of our proximity to nearby courts, firms, nonprofit, governmental and international agencies, our students benefit from year-round externships at these institutions. In addition, our adjunct faculty consists of leading practitioners from these neighboring institutions.

Collegial Community

We're known for being a vibrant and engaging community, one where a Contracts professor can assist a student in a summer job hunt--even if that student is looking for a position in another area of the law. Our students exude collaboration, not competition, so they feel free to share class outlines or help each other prep for moot court competitions.

Generous Financial Aid

Approximately 80 percent of GW Law students receive some form of aid, including merit scholarships, need-based grants, and loans.

The GW Law experience is dynamic, rigorous, generous, and practical. Simply put, there is no better place to engage in the life of the law.

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