In the News

"Trump’s Stimulus Orders Set Off Squabble"

August 09, 2020
Jonathan Turley is quoted in The Wall Street Journal about the legality of Trump’s plan to bypass Congress and extend coronavirus relief.

"The Tragic Irony of the New York State Lawsuit Against the NRA"

August 08, 2020

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill that dissolving an organization such as the NRA should not occur without proof of criminal activity. 

"'An Administrative Nightmare': Trump's Executive Action Is a Scramble for Unemployment Aid"

August 08, 2020

Jonathan Turley is quoted in USA Today about whether Trump has the authority to extend unemployment benefits by executive action.

"‘See You in Court’: ACLU Files Nearly 400 Cases Versus Trump"

August 07, 2020

Jonathan Turley is quoted in the Associated Press about ACLU lawsuits and other legal actions filed against the Trump administration.

"Is Antifa the Greatest Movement Against Free Speech in America?"

August 04, 2020

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill that antifa may be the most successful movement against free speech in modern history.

"White House Orders Federal Contractors to Limit Their Use of Foreign Workers"

August 04, 2020

Steven L. Schooner is quoted in Government Executive about an executive order reducing the number of foreign contractors.

"Sen. Bob Casey Said Federal Agents ‘Kidnapped’ Protesters in Portland. Is That True?"

August 03, 2020
Jonathan Turley is quoted in The Philadelphia Inquirer about the Trump administration's response to recent unrest in Portland.

"Why People Must Stop Worrying That Donald Trump Will Delay the Election"

August 01, 2020

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill that Trump does not have the authority to delay the presidential election.

"Court Overturns Boston Marathon Bomber’s Death Sentence"

July 31, 2020

Jonathan Turley is quoted in The Wall Street Journal about potential juror bias in the case of the Boston Marathon bomber.

"More Than Just a Tweet: Trump's Campaign to Undercut Democracy"

July 31, 2020

Jonathan Turley is quoted in The New York Times about whether the 2020 presidential election can be delayed.

"Can Trump Delay the 2020 Presidential Election? Not by Himself"

July 30, 2020

Jonathan Turley is quoted in the New York Post about what the law says regarding delaying the election.

"‘This Is a New Phase’: Europe Shifts Tactics to Limit Tech’s Power"

July 30, 2020

William E. Kovacic is quoted in The New York Times about how European lawmakers are taking aim at Big Tech companies.

"Congress Just Signaled That the Era of Big Tech Acquisitions Is Over"

July 30, 2020

William E. Kovacic is quoted by Fast Company about whether a Congressional hearing may add to the scrutiny of Big Tech.

"Reason Trumps Pretext"

July 30, 2020

Richard J. Pierce, Jr. writes in The Regulatory Review how SCOTUS has reinvigorated the duty to engage in reasoned decision-making.

"Tech CEOs Defend Policies, Reject Antitrust Claims at Combative House Hearing"

July 29, 2020
William E. Kovacic is quoted by Sinclair Broadcast Group about what power Congress can exercise over big tech companies.