In the News

"The End of Affirmative Action?"

Fox News Radio Spoke with Jonathan Turley.

"AI Imitating Artist ‘Style’ Drives Call to Rethink Copyright Law"

Bloomberg Law quoted Robert Brauneis highlighting his expertise in Copyright Law and how AI could affect it.

"High Conflict: Is Connecticut’s family court system ignoring abuse?"

Inside Investigator spoke with Joan Meier and Danielle Pollack highlighting their research and work in the National Family Law Center at GW.

"Trump Rolled Back Decades Of Clean Water Protections. The Supreme Court Just Went Even Further"

The Huffpost quoted in Emily Hammond after Sackett v EPA was decided in May of 2023 and its implications on the Clean Water Act moving forward.

"Driver of U-Haul that rammed White House gate is not a U.S. citizen, prosecutors say"

Cori Alonso-Yoder was quoted in NBC News in regards to the crash into the White House and further prosecution of non-citizens in the US.

"Minnesota lawmakers point fingers as debt ceiling deadline closes in"

Minneapolis Star Tribune quoted Paul Schiff Berman in regard to the national debt ceiling stand-off and implications.

"Pennsylvania schools are removing books from libraries. Here’s what the Supreme Court has said about book bans"

Catherine Ross was quoted in WITF-FM citing the importance and differentiation of justices opinions and the legality of banning, or limiting books.

"Should California Employers Cover Fertility Treatment For All?"

Air Talk spoke with Sonia Suter.

"Hunter Biden's Situation Could Get 'A Lot Worse,' Legal Expert Warns"

Jonathan Turley was quoted in Newsweek.

"Golf’s Thorniest Grudge Match Threatens the Game’s Old Order"

William Kovacic is quoted by Bloomberg in regards to golf’s network contract briefs and nuances.