In the News

"Cost-cutting generics and biosimilars stuck in legal limbo"

July 21, 2021
Dmitry Karshtedt is quoted in MedCity News about legal roadblocks facing generic pharmaceutical manufacturers amid high drug prices.

"'Shadow State': Embracing corporate governance to escape constitutional limits"

July 17, 2021
Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about private companies carrying out public policy ideas that may be viewed as unconstitutional.

"Virginia PTA Official Says 'Let Them Die' About Parents Opposing Critical Race Theory"

July 16, 2021
Jonathan Turley is quoted in Newsweek about comments by a PTA official amid the debate over teaching critical race theory in schools.

"Here’s the recipe for a ‘perfect business’ — and a tasty stock"

July 15, 2021

Lawrence Cunningham writes for MarketWatch about the combination of traits that leads to the creation of a particularly successful company.

"Law enforcement misconduct: Holding the right defendants liable"

July 14, 2021

Alan B. Morrison writes in The Hill about how Congress should fix the doctrine of qualified immunity for federal agencies.

"Can You Be Forced To Get The COVID Vaccine?"

July 14, 2021
Jonathan Turley discusses with Fox News Radio possible legal challenges of vaccine mandates by the federal government and private business.

"Company That Wasn't Picked To Make Mail Trucks Is Suing The U.S. Postal Service"

July 13, 2021
Steven L. Schooner is quoted by NPR about a lawsuit accusing the Postal Service of bias in choosing a manufacturer of a new fleet of delivery trucks.

"Does the Trump Organization’s Indictment Mean Anything for the Company’s GSA Lease?"

July 12, 2021

Steven L. Schooner is quoted in Government Executive about whether the Trump Organization's indictment may impact its lease with the GSA.

"'Your World' on the rise in crime, companies requiring COVID-19 vaccines"

July 12, 2021

Jonathan Turley joined Fox News's "Your World with Neil Cavuto" about businesses requiring COVID-19 vaccines.

"VERIFY: Yes, President Biden has had more judges confirmed by this point than any president in the last 50 years"

July 12, 2021

Paul Schiff Berman is quoted by WUSA9 about President Biden's nominees to the federal bench.

"Tucker: The Biden administration is no longer 'pro-choice'"

July 10, 2021

Jonathan Turley appeared on Fox News's "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to discuss the NSA.

"Cuomo's 'gun emergency': Illusion disguised as action"

July 10, 2021
Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's declaration of a state of emergency due to a surge in gun violence.

"The Creepy Trend That Sparked a Highway Standoff With a Black Militia"

July 10, 2021
Robert J. Cottrol is quoted in The Daily Beast about the recent rise in bizarre incidents involving members of the Moorish Sovereign movement.

"DOD's Preference For Microsoft, Amazon May Haunt New JEDI"

July 09, 2021
Steven L. Schooner is quoted by Law360 about the replacement of a major Department of Defense contract for cloud computing services.

"10 companies that know how to spend money so you have a chance to make some"

July 08, 2021
Lawrence A. Cunningham writes in Marketwatch about ten companies that master share buybacks and maximize value for their shareholders.