In the News

"Taming the Megabanks: Why We Need a New Glass-Steagall Act"

September 24, 2020

Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr. writes in the FinReg Blog that a new Glass-Steagall Act is needed to separate banks from securities markets.

"Judge Amy Coney Barrett for Her Intellect Instead of Catholic Faith"

September 23, 2020

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill how potential SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett should not be judged for her religious beliefs.

"Ginsburg Clerks Remember Her as a Mentor Who Treated Them Like Family"

September 23, 2020

Paul Schiff Berman is quoted in The New York Times about the personal side of Justice Ginsburg and her role as mentor.

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Former Clerks Remember a Demanding But Playful Boss — Who Encouraged Romance!"

September 23, 2020

Paul Schiff Berman is quoted in People about the personal side of Justice Ginsburg and his relationship with her.

"Why Do 9 Justices Serve on the Supreme Court?"

September 23, 2020

Maeva Marcus is quoted by the History Channel about changes throughout U.S history in the number of Supreme Court Justices.

"Another Conservative Justice on the Supreme Court Could Mean Big Changes for Abortion and Affirmative Action Cases"

September 23, 2020
Jonathan Turley is quoted in The Boston Globe about the transformative significance of replacing Justice Ginsburg.

"Trump Argues His Nominee Needed on Supreme Court in Time to Vote on Election Legal Challenges"

September 23, 2020

Alan B. Morrison is quoted by ABC News about how a newly confirmed Justice should not participate in disputes related to the election.

"Packing the Supreme Court or Expanding It? There's a Difference."

September 22, 2020

Jonathan Turley writes in USA Today about the role politics will play in the future composition of the Supreme Court.

"Why Justice Ginsburg's Death Spells Trouble for the Affordable Care Act"

September 21, 2020

Paul Schiff Berman is quoted by Scripps Media about where the Supreme Court stands on health care in the wake of Justice Ginsburg's death.

"House Democrats Should Play Hardball on Coronavirus Relief"

September 21, 2020
Alan B. Morrison writes in The Hill that House Democrats should fight for coronavirus aid instead of supporting a clean continuing resolution.

"This Deal Helped Turn Google Into an Ad Powerhouse. Is That a Problem?"

September 21, 2020

William E. Kovacic is quoted in The New York Times about how Google's acquisition of DoubleClick changed the advertising game.

"Trump’s Record in Federal Courts Is the Worst of Any Recent President — As His Administration Loses Case After Case"

September 21, 2020
Robert L. Glicksman and Emily Hammond are quoted in Raw Story about Trump’s poor administrative law record in federal court.

"'She Had Incredible Power': Former Clerk of Justice Ginsburg Speaks on RBG's Legacy"

September 20, 2020

Paul Schiff Berman speaks to ABC7 WJLA about working for Justice Ginsburg and her legacy.

"Ginsburg Confidante Recalls How Supreme Court Justice Handled 'Her Current Celebrity'"

September 19, 2020

Jeffrey Rosen discusses with CBS This Morning Saturday his friendship with Justice Ginsburg and her recent celebrity.

"How the Supreme Court Will Function with Eight Justices Ahead of the Election"

September 19, 2020

Jonathan Turley is quoted by CBS News about how the Supreme Court will function in the wake of Justice Ginsburg's death.