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GW Law faculty members are scholars and practitioners with strong reputations in the legal community. Our faculty members are among the most cited law faculty in the nation, appearing in print, online, and on air, in world-renowned media outlets. But first and foremost, each faculty member is devoted to teaching.

Our faculty members are respected scholars and authors of leading casebooks and works for general readership alike. Many remain involved in practice, whether arguing cases before the Supreme Court or serving as counsel to foreign governments.  With years of experience at the bar and on the bench, our professors bring valuable insight to the classroom, affecting the life and education of each student as they influence and inform national and international legal opinion.

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In the Spotlight

Nienke Grossman

"I first became interested in the role of women on international courts and tribunals as a practicing lawyer representing states before international courts. I remember walking into my first hearing at the International Court of Justice and seeing 16 men and one woman take a seat behind the bench. I began to wonder whether the paucity of women adjudicators was common across all international courts and tribunals, and if so, what impact it might have on these institutions’ legitimacy."

Nienke Grossman

Visiting Associate Professor

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Faculty Headlines

Revisiting Langdell

Dean Contributes Article in New Book about Legal Education Reform

Blake Morant responds to the alleged crisis in legal education in new article.

Dinah Shelton

Professor Emerita Dinah Shelton Receives 2016 CIEL International Environmental Law Award

The Board of Trustees recognized Professor Shelton’s scholarship in international environmental and human rights law.

Steven Schooner

Professor Eyes Potential Presidential Conflicts of Interest

Steven Schooner is leading a national conversation about Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest as president.

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Alumni Public Interest - Public Service Reunion

More information about this event will be announced soon.

In the News

“Tech's Beloved H-1B Visa is Flawed. Here's Why”

February 21, 2017

Neil Ruiz is quoted by CNN about how to prioritize who should get the H-1B visa.

“The Police Can’t Just Share the Contents of a Seized iPhone With Other Agencies, Court Rules”

February 21, 2017

Orin S. Kerr writes in The Washington Post about how the Fourth Amendment comes into play when sharing a seized phone's data.

“Supreme Court Hears Border Shooting Case as Trump's Travel Ban Awaits”

February 21, 2017

Jonathan Turley is quoted by Fox News about the Hernandez v. Mesa, in which a Mexican teenager was shot by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.