GW Law at a Glance

Established in 1865, the George Washington University Law School is the oldest law school in Washington, DC. The school is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a charter member of the Association of American Law Schools. The law school is located on the GW campus in the downtown neighborhood familiarly known as Foggy Bottom. The main GW Law complex is located at 2000 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20052.

Student Body

The law school has a total enrollment of about 1700. Approximately 1,400 students are in the full-time division for the JD degree and 125 are enrolled in the part-time division. 175 students, many from abroad, are enrolled in graduate law degree programs.


The George Washington University Law School boasts more than 32,000 living alumni, of whom some 150 are judges serving on local, state, and federal benches, including 10 justices on State Supreme Courts. The Law School counts among prominent alumni the late John Foster Dulles, the late J. William Fulbright, and the late U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye (JD '52),  former Treasury Secretary John W. Snow (JD '67), U.S. Senator Harry Reid, (JD '64), three former Internal Revenue Service Commissioners, and many prominent leaders in business, industry, and government.

Degree Programs

Joint Degree Programs

  • JD/Master of Business Administration
  • JD/Master of Public Administration
  • JD/Master of Public Policy
  • MA in International Affairs
  • MA in International Development Studies
  • MA in International Trade and Investment Policy
  • MA in International Science and Technology Policy
  • MA in Security Policy Studies
  • MA in Middle East Studies
  • MA in Global Communication
  • MA in Asian Studies
  • MA in European and Eurasian Studies
  • MA in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies
  • JD/MA in Women's Studies
  • JD/MA in Public Policy with a concentration in Women's Studies
  • JD/MA in History with a concentration in U.S. Legal History
  • JD/Master of Public Health
  • LLM/Master of Public Health
  • LLM/MA in History with a concentration in U.S. Legal History

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The curriculum consists of the first-year required curriculum for JD candidates, as well as more than 250 elective courses that include numerous live-client clinics and courses that teach a range of lawyering skills.

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Special Programs

Research Centers & Initiatives