Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship

The Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship (ACDM) is pleased to assist GW Law JD alumni who are at least one year post-graduation and contemplating a job change or seeking employment. We welcome inquiries from graduates and hope you will contact us if we can assist you. Our services for graduates are set forth below.

  • Mike Michel
  • Catherine Allison
  • Eva Pulliam
  • Marvin Shaw

"Keri McCoy has been an enormous help in my job search since graduating in 2015. Keri was instrumental in refining my career interests and developing complimentary job search strategies. She provided connections, introductions while advising me on how to leverage my own network. Further, once an interview was secured, Keri ensured that I was prepared for every type of question or discussion that could arise. From the standard “tell me about yourself” to how to negotiate compensation consistent with my value. Lastly, and maybe as important as anything else, Keri gave me the confidence to be successful in the interview. Keri knows the legal profession as well as anyone. She knows the market and she defines her success with results – “did you get the offer?” She loves what she does and does it well. If you are searching, talk to Keri. Her goals are the same as yours – to get you the offer. I want to acknowledge and thank Dean Morant for seeing the need for alumni to have an office dedicated solely to their career needs. I have worked closely with Dean Morant over the years, particularly in my capacity as former BLSA President, and his commitment to alumni comes as no surprise to me."

Mike Michel, JD '15

"I reached out to Keri on the advice of a fellow classmate when I found myself with an interview when I was 9-months pregnant. Keri and I came up with a strategy to talk about the pregnancy in the interview, and she pumped me full of confidence and talked me through some particulars about interviewing in-house at a firm. When I got the job offer, she helped me negotiate maternity leave with my new company. I honestly believe I wouldn't have gotten the job without Keri’s guidance. I always felt like the GW Law Career Center was top notch while I was in law school. It was so great to have Keri’s services now that I'm a few years out of school and dealing with different circumstances."

Catherine Allison, JD '13

"I worked with Keri McCoy as a graduating JD student. She walked me through the application process and, during difficult times in the legal industry, she connected me with individuals within GW Law and the greater legal community to push me across the finish line into my current position. As I continue to grow as an attorney, Keri has maintained this relationship with me and counseled and guided me through difficult transitions in my career. From the start of my legal career to my growth in my practice area, office politics, and large moves, Keri has been a steadfast guide, mentor and friend to me. The Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship could not have a better leader. This is a gift to all alumni in the GW Law community."

Eva Pulliam, JD '10

"Keri McCoy and GW Law were an enormous help in my mid-life career search. After 25+ years as a Federal regulator in DC, Keri was instrumental in helping me secure a senior executive position at a major corporation in Atlanta. In addition to tremendous practical advice – search strategies, mock interviews, networking introductions, salary discussions; Keri also provided encouragement and emotional support. Not only is Keri extremely knowledgeable about the legal profession, but her people skills are unmatched. She loves what she does, and it clearly shows."

Marvin Shaw, JD '86

Alumni Mentoring Program

Alumni can get involved by volunteering to mentor a current student.* Please click here to register for the GW Law Alumni Mentoring Program. As mentors, alumni are in a position to give real-world advice that can be invaluable to students as they enter the legal field. We encourage our alumni mentors to schedule in-person meetings or calls with their mentee and to consider connecting at GW Law events that are held throughout the year.

*Alumni who are less than one year post-graduation are invited to register as mentees using the registration form above.

Alumni Publications

If you are a graduate of the law school, you may obtain access to various career-related publications. To access these materials, you must log into the Alumni Community using your law school Gmail address (ending in and password*.

*If you do not remember the password to your GW Law account, reset your password here. Please note, this link requires that you know your alumni ID number. If you do not know this number, or if you graduated before the year 2000 and do not have a GW Law email address, you can contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (202) 994-7166 or [email protected] for assistance.

Career Consultations

The Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship (ACDM) counsels JD alumni who are at least one year post graduation*. ACDM's staff members are available to meet in person or to speak with graduates by phone. We are happy to discuss resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing tips and preparation, job search and career-related resources, job search strategies, networking, informational interviewing, and any other issues of interest to graduates.

To schedule an appointment or mock interview either in-person or by phone, please contact ACDM at (202) 994-1320 or [email protected].

*All other alumni should contact the Career Center to be referred to the appropriate counselor.

Job Postings

Job notices for graduates are posted online through CORE. These regularly updated listings include openings received directly from employers and vacancies from selected legal newspapers, periodicals, job newsletters, and various websites. Most listings are for graduates with 0-5 years of experience, with the majority in the 0-3 year minimum range.

Your username and password for CORE are the same as your Gmail address. If you do not remember the password to your GW Law account, you may reset your password here. Please note, this link requires that you know your alumni ID number. If you do not know this number, or if you graduated before the year 2000 and do not have a GW Law email address, you can contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (202) 994-7166 or [email protected] for assistance.

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions regarding your CORE account. If you would like to post a job for a current student or GW Law graduate, please contact the Career Center at [email protected].

Judicial Clerkships

The Clerkship Office (within the Career Center) assists alumni who are interested in pursuing post-graduate judicial clerkships. For additional information, please visit the Career Center's website.

Mock Interviews

The Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship (ACDM) is available to conduct mock interviews. This is strongly recommended for anyone who has an upcoming interview. ACDM believes in a proactive approach to interviewing. You can never be too prepared! Prior to the mock interview, please email a copy of all of your application materials as well as the job posting, if applicable, to [email protected]. We also recommend that you provide any information that you have about the format of the interview and the individual(s) with whom you will be interviewing.

Networking Events

Every GW Law Alumni Event is an opportunity to network, and they are a lot of fun, too! Check out our Law Alumni Event Calendar to see what's coming up. If you are interested in helping to coordinate an alumni event in your area, please click here. If you would like to post a job for a current student or GW Law graduate, please contact the Career Center at [email protected].

Online Alumni Community

Our Alumni Community allows you to reconnect with classmates and find new contacts within the GW Law Alumni family. Join groups based on your interests and location, search the online directory, access Leadership Connect, the Vault Career Insider, NALP Directory of Legal Employers, and more. Login or Register for the Alumni Community today!

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Some law schools, through a process called reciprocity, permit students and graduates of other law schools to visit their career services offices and/or to subscribe to their job boards. Schools that grant reciprocity may offer it only during certain times of the year (typically between December and July). In addition, reciprocity may only be offered for a finite period of a few months or less and other restrictions may be imposed. View GW Law's Reciprocity Policy. To request reciprocity, please contact the Career Center at [email protected] or (202) 994-7340.

Westlaw and Lexis Advance

Westlaw and Lexis Advance services remain available to alumni for a limited time after graduation. Please visit the Jacob Burns Law Library’s Database Access page for details. Westlaw has a Careers tab, with a number of links to advice on managing your career. Lexis Advance offers extensive online databases for job hunters, including Martindale-Hubbell.

Meet the Director

Keri McCoyKeri McCoy is the inaugural Director of the Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship. Keri works with alumni to identify short and long-term career goals and assists them in developing individualized career plans. She advises JD alumni (who have graduated at least one year prior) on issues such as job search strategies, lateral transitions, salary negotiations, alternative careers, geographic and practice area transitions, partnership, networking, and work-life balance. Keri is a strong proponent of mock interviews and conducts them regularly. Keri also manages the Alumni Mentoring Program. This Program matches students with alumni mentors. Students benefit from the advice of mentors about law school, practice areas, relationship building, and networking opportunities.

Before assuming her current role, Keri served as Director, Alumni Career Development in the Law School’s Office of Professional Development and Career Strategy and also held the position of Senior Counselor for Student Development at the Law School. Prior to joining the Law School, Keri worked as a litigation associate with law firms in the District of Columbia, New Jersey, and Texas. Keri tried numerous cases before state and federal courts on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Keri received her Juris Doctor degree from the Georgetown University Law Center and earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

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