Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence is the office at GW Law that assists all students in their pursuit of strong academic performance and potential. It is located within the Dean of Students Office. Academic Excellence offers workshops, 1-on-1 counseling, and tutor matching.


Academic Excellence workshops are designed to provide GW Law students with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to succeed academically in law school. No registration is required to attend. 

2023-2024 Workshops

September 6 - Noon, LL 101

Course Outlining

October 4 - Noon, LL 101

Midterm Exam Preparation

November 1 - Noon, LL 101

Final Exam Preparation

January 24 - Noon, LL 101

Back to Basics: Academic Excellence Top Strategies

March 6 - Noon, LL 101

Course Registration Q&As

Academic Strategy Sessions

Academic Strategy Sessions are 1-on-1 counseling sessions to discuss your academic performance.  They can be scheduled by clicking here.

Peer Tutor Matching

The Dean of Students Office provides peer tutoring in the Fall and Spring semesters for 1L classes (except Fundamentals of Lawyering), as well as for select upper-level classes. 

Tutors are fellow GW Law students who previously demonstrated success in the courses for which they tutor. Please note that tutors may not have taken the course with the same professor as the students they are matched with. Students should request a tutor if they are looking for help to better understand the subject, not to get insight into a particular professor’s course plan or exam.

Students are limited to one tutor per semester. The Dean of Students Office cannot guarantee the availability of tutors for any classes. Students must agree to meet with their tutors for at least 3 hours during the semester. Students who fail to do so may be prohibited from participating in the program in future semesters. The Dean of Students Office may also schedule group tutoring sessions for some classes if demand exceeds our capacity for one-on-one tutoring, but cannot guarantee there will be enough available spaces for everyone. 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

To submit a request for a tutor, please complete the Fall 2023 Tutor Matching Request Form. The deadline for requests is Wednesday, 9/20. Requests received after 9/20 will be added to the waitlist.

Academic Excellence Toolkit

Academic Excellence posts even more resources for GW Law students on its TWEN page. Students can enroll in the Academic Excellence TWEN course anytime; there is no password required.


External Academic Support Resources

General Introduction to Law School
Dealing with Stress and Time Management
Reading Cases, Briefing Cases, and Class Preparation
Note Taking and Classroom Learning
Preparing for and Taking Exams
Law Dictionaries