About the Immigration Clinic

GW Law is an ideal home for the Immigration Law Clinic. The law school counts several distinguished professors and advocates in the immigration field among its faculty and offers strong courses in immigration law.


Immigration Clinic (6630) 
Taught by Professor of Clinical Law Alberto M. Benítez and Professorial Lecturer in Law Paulina Vera.

In the Immigration Clinic, students assume substantial responsibility for handling a range of immigration law matters, including determining what benefits or forms of relief, if any, are available to their clients, and, in appropriate circumstances, representing their clients in removal proceedings. Because the clinic’s clients come from all over the world, cultural sensitivity is essential and foreign language skills are welcome. An average of 312 hours of work per semester including attendance at a two-hour weekly seminar is required. Permission of the instructor is required prior to registration. Prerequisite: Law 6538. Students may enroll in this course and Law 6638 (Field Placement) only with permission of both instructors.

Immigration Law II (6539)
Taught by Professorial Lecturer in Law Anna Ludwikowski.

This course focuses on family and employment-based immigration practices. Examination of the procedural aspects of obtaining lawful permanent resident status in the United States through the family and/or employment preferences categories, as well as the process for obtaining non-immigrant admission. (Take-home examination)
 Immigration Law (6538)
Co-taught by Professorial Lecturers in Law Michelle Morales, Leon Fresco, and Kuyomars Golparvar.

Theory and application of the Immigration and Nationality Act and 8 Code of Federal Regulations. Examination of practice before the Executive Office for Immigration Review, Citizenship and Immigration Services, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, Department of State, and Department of Labor. Removal, political asylum, adjustment of status, naturalization, and other issues. Enrollment is limited. (Examination)

Refugee and Asylum Law (6540)
Taught by Professorial Lecturers in Law Rachael Petterson and Shira Zeman.

Selected topics from the areas of international law pertaining to the protection of refugees and domestic law of political asylum. Enrollment is limited. (Examination)

Selected Topics in Public Int'l Law (Immigration Criminal Enforcement) (6561-12)
Taught by Professorial Lecturer in Law Kuyomars Golparvar.

Selected topics pertaining to the intersection of immigration and criminal law. Enrollment is limited.