Health Rights Law Clinic

Director: Suzanne H. Jackson

In the Health Rights Law Clinic, student attorneys advocate for people who are at risk of losing eligibility for public health programs, have experienced denials of coverage for medically necessary care, or struggle to pay high medical bills.  Students may negotiate payment plans or persuade providers to forgive medical debts; advocate for clients who need medical care that an insurer, public or private, is unwilling to provide; untangle a problem preventing a pharmacist from dispensing needed medicine; or help a client understand the extent and limitations of a public health benefit. Students develop skills in interviewing and counseling clients, investigating facts, identifying relevant law, framing case theory, and refining written and oral advocacy. The classroom component develops knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance coverage and procedures, while focusing on best practices in a wide range of client and advocacy skills.   

Information for Students

Students will be selected based on their potential to provide high quality, client-centered legal services to our client population. Faculty will consider students’ interest in and commitment to health law, public interest, and legal services work, although such interest is not required.  Every semester, the clinics hold an Open House where faculty members are available to answer questions about their respective clinics. Students may also contact Professor Jackson to discuss the clinic or ask specific questions.

For more information, please log in to the Portal.  A complete set of application instructions is posted approximately one month prior to the registration period for the following semester on the Clinics portal page.