Privacy and Technology Law

GW Law’s Privacy and Technology Law Program was formally created in 2023 and as part of the new GWCLT, but its roots go back several decades. GW Law was one of first law schools to offer classes in information privacy, cybersecurity, computer crime, cyberlaw, and other areas related to PT law. GW Law has long had faculty who are internationally-known experts in PT, and has produced a large number of prominent alumni in the field. GW Law has generated scholarship that has been the most cited and downloaded in the field. GW Law was a founder of the leading academic event in privacy law. GW is one of only a very few law schools to offer a JD concentration in Privacy, Data Security, and Technology Law.

For more than two decades, GW Law has been at the forefront of teaching privacy and technology law. “Privacy” concerns a broad range of issues involving problems created by the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data. These issues include cybersecurity, AI, online harassment, computer crime, and surveillance, among others.


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The Center for Law and Technology

The Center for Law and Technology (GWCLT) provides education, events, scholarship, and dialogue about intellectual property, privacy, data security, and technology law. GWCLT seamlessly merges the expertise of two distinguished programs. By synergizing the insights of law with the cutting-edge advancements in technology, the center creates a unique and comprehensive learning environment. Students benefit from an unparalleled interdisciplinary approach, positioning them at the forefront of legal innovation and technological evolution.

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