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Jennifer Mitchell presented at the 2021 Central States Legal Writing Conference: "Nothing Robotic About It: Professional Identity Formation is the Core of Legal Education."


Erika Pont served as a Deputy Editor for the 2020 ABA Section of International Law Year in Review and as a Peer Reviewer for Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD.


Professors Levine and Kettler addressed the GW Law Lambda Law group on the topic of Exam Preparation. Professor Kettler addressed the Feminist Forum on the challenges faced by women, among other minorities, in practice


Professors Cheryl Kettler and Michael S. Levine took on the challenge of encouraging students to engage with the larger GW Law community by experimenting ways in which law students could use technology to reach out to peers, upper-level students, professors, deans, and alumni. They launched a podcast channel on YouTube called Nothing But Dicta and posted 21 podcasts.


In the coming academic year, Professors Cheryl Kettler and Michael Levine plan to launch a Nothing But Dicta website that will publish students’ brief written analyses of legal topics (called “Opening Statements”) and to host “partners’ meetings” with their students to practice oral delivery of research results. They hope to report on these efforts’ results at an upcoming conference. They will attempt to measure improvements in community engagement and in professional identity formation.


JP Collins was quoted in National Law Journal article about a recent increase in the number of judicial retirements and the possible reasons behind it.


JP Collins was quoted in New York Law Journal article about the unfair criticism levied at judicial nominees who are former public defenders


Brooke McDonough worked with the Children's Law Center to represent a pro bono client in a special education matter. The client sought legal assistance because her ten-year-old son was suffering from severe learning delays. Despite being over two grade levels behind in all academic areas, his school was providing only 30 minutes of service a week. Brooke successfully helped the client obtain necessary medical evaluations and worked with DCPS to significantly increase the child’s special education services. Former students, working as research assistants, helped with the case, gaining valuable insight into direct client representation and the use of advocacy skills during negotiations. The case remains ongoing.


In the spring semester, Professors Cheryl Kettler and Michael Levine continued their community engagement project by hosting weekly “Night Court” sessions in which their students presented oral arguments online with respect to issues of their choice. One of the best-attended arguments considered the equitable issues raised by the ongoing conservatorship of Britney Spears. An extension of this experiment was a four-week exercise called Night Court: Mock Trial. Two members of the GW Law Mock Trial Board offered sessions focused on opening and closing statements, and direct and cross-examination. This program preceded the law school’s annual 1L competition.


Cheryl Kettler served as an Assistant Editor to Legal Writing: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute last year and will continue in that role for the 2021-2022 year. The journal plans a Volume 26 and a symposium issue for this year. Erika Pont served on GW Law's Teaching Committee. Together with Professor Dawn Nunziato, Caroline Laguerre-Brown, and Jordan West, spearheaded efforts to implement the GW Law Faculty's Unanimous Anti-Racism Resolution through inclusive classroom training and other initiatives.


Brooke McDonough continues to co-chair the LWI Lives Committee. This year the Committee focused on highlighting the diversity of the LWI membership with special issues honoring Black History Month, Pride Month, and an upcoming issue for Hispanic Heritage Month.


Outside of GW Law, Erika Pont continues to be engaged in her local community (and beyond). She serves on the Leadership Council for Sitar Arts Center, an Adams Morgan-based youth development organization committed to bringing high-quality performing, visual, and digital arts education to children and teens in the district, regardless of their ability to pay. She also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for U.S. Mayor Enterprises, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which partners with private businesses to bring essential products, programs, and services directly to communities who need them most.


Iselin Gambert presented at 2021 AALS meeting Roundtable discussion: "How the Pandemic Made Me a Better Teacher - Lessons Learned and Plans for Change."


Michael Levine and Bethany Gullman presented an exercise designed to assist students in developing a professional identity that helps connect past experiences to key lawyering skills: “Introducing Lawyerly Problem Solving Through Self-Reflection,” The Whole Person: Helping Law Students Integrate Their Professional Identity with Their Existing Values, Santa Clara School of Law.

September 2019


Iselin Gambert presented “They Want to Take Away Your Hamburgers: The Rhetoric of Fear in the Future of Food” at the first-ever Canadian Animal Law Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia

October 2019


Bethany Gullman presented on the intersection of law and comics, describing how the story of Nimona reflects the female prosecutor's struggle to inhabit positions of power while maintaining an authentic self. “Not What She Seems: Exploring Perceptions of the Female Prosecutor through Stevenson’s Nimona,” Drawing the Human: Law, Comics, Justice, University of the Sunshine Coast School of Law and Criminology.

November 2019


Christy DeSanctis, Michael Levine, and Erika Pont presented on the subject of “PD 2.0: Partnering with Legal Writing Faculty” at the Annual NALP/PDI Conference.

December 2019


Iselin Gambert was a discussant in “If, How, and When: Politics and Priorities in the Classroom” at the AALS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

January 2020


Iselin Gambert was selected for a second four-year term on the Board of Directors of the Legal Writing Institute. She is the Secretary and Communication and Public Relations Officer for the Board.

April 2020


Cheryl Kettler was selected to join the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute as an associate editor for the upcoming volume 25.

July 2020


Brooke Ellinwood McDonough was selected to join the Legal Writing Institute Lives Committee, and to also serve as co-chair of the committee.

Fall 2020


Jennifer Wimsatt Pusateri’s article “It Is Better To Be Safe When Sorry: Advocating a Federal Rule of Evidence Excluding Apologies” will appear in Volume 69, the fall issue of the Kansas Law Review. It advocates an exception in the Federal Rules of Evidence that excludes apologies.

Fall 2020