LLM in Intellectual Property Law

Director: J. Whealan
Faculty Advisers: M. Adelman, R. Brauneis, D. Karshtedt, S. Kieff, D. Nunziato, R. Schechter

A minimum of 14 credits from the following courses is required,* including 2 credits graded on the basis of research paper. The research paper must be at least 8,000 words in length, and U.S. law school graduates must achieve a minimum grade of B+. For students who choose to write a thesis, Thesis (6690-91) and a minimum of 10 credits from the following courses are required.

All candidates for the LLM degree must complete a total of 24 credit hours, including course work that satisfies the written work requirement. Those working towards a specialized degree must complete the minimum required number of hours in courses listed below for that program. Related courses are recommended for the remaining course work.


  • Patent Law (6471)
  • Copyright Law (6472)
  • International Copyright Law (6473)
  • Trademark Law and Unfair Competition (6474)
  • Entertainment Law (6475)
  • Patent Strategies and Practice (6476)
  • The Federal Circuit (6477)
  • Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights (6478)
  • Chemical and Biotech Patent Law (6480)
  • Design Law (6481)
  • Patent Enforcement (6482)
  • Patent Appellate Practice (6483)
  • Computer Law (6484)
  • Law in Cyberspace (6485)
  • Information Privacy Law (6486)
  • Art, Cultural Heritage, and the Law Seminar (6488)
  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the U.S. International Trade Commission (6489)
  • International and Comparative Patent Law (6490)
  • International Intellectual Property (6491)
  • Advanced Trademark Law (6492)
  • Internet Law (6493)
  • Intellectual Property Antitrust Seminar (6494)
  • USPTO Post-Grant Patent Proceedings (6495)
  • Intellectual Property Law Seminar (6496)**
  • Selected Topics in Intellectual Property Law (6497)**
  • Trade Secrets Law (6499)
  • Government Procurement of Intellectual Property Seminar (6512)
  • Legal Drafting (IP) (6652)

*Property (6208) also will be available; only students with a non-U.S. law degree who plan to take the New York bar examination may count this course toward the 14 credits required in the field.

**Multiple sections for these course numbers may be offered during a given academic year; please consult the course schedule for specific course names.

Courses Related to Intellectual Property Law

Please note: The courses below do not count toward the 14-credit Intellectual Property curriculum requirement.

  • E-Commerce (6283)
  • Sports and the Law (6295)
  • Antitrust Law (6402)
  • Communications Law (6412)
  • Telecommunications Law (6414)
  • Intellectual Property (6470)
  • Formation of Government Contracts (6502)
  • Genetics and the Law (6616)
  • Law and Medicine (6617)

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