Administrative Law & Government Regulation

This large and important field deals with the process by which government regulates the activities of businesses or individuals. Administrative Law is the foundation course for all study in this area. Other key survey courses include Antitrust Law, Trademark Law and Unfair Competition, and Legislation. Advanced courses explore the administrative process in the context of a single commercial activity such as health care or the telecommunications industry. Almost all of the courses included in the closely related practice areas of environmental law, government contract law, intellectual property law, labor law, and taxation, which are set out separately in this practice area listing, could fairly be termed species of administrative law and government regulation.


Foundation Courses

  • Administrative Law (6400)
  • Antitrust Law (6402)
  • Legislation (6416)
  • Trademark Law and Unfair Competition (6474)

Advanced Courses

  • Trademark Law and Unfair Competition (6474)
  • Voting Rights Law (6387)
  • Higher Education Law (6389)
  • Food and Drug Law (6408)
  • Health Care Law (6410)
  • Health Care Law Seminar (6411)**
  • Telecommunications Law (6414)
  • Legislative Analysis and Drafting (6418)
  • Campaign Finance Law (6419)
  • Congressional Investigations Seminar (6420)
  • Lawyers, Lobbying, and the Law (6421)
  • Local Government Law (6422)
  • Public Law Seminar (6426)** (selected sections)
  • Selected Topics in Public Law (6427)** (selected sections)
  • Environmental Law (6430)
  • Energy Law and Regulation (6438)
  • Law in Cyberspace (6485)
  • Information Privacy Law (6486)
  • Race, Racism, and American Law (6595)
  • Genetics and the Law (6616)
  • Public Justice Advocacy Clinic (6622)
  • Government Lawyering (6671)
  • Homeland Security Law and Policy (6876)

**For 2020–2021, Health Care Law Seminars may include Fraud and Abuse, Traumatic Brain Injury, Public Health Law, and National Health Reform.