Room Reservations

The Online Room Reservation Request Form is available to members of the GW Law community through the GW Law Web Portal. Please log into the Portal and click on the Room Reservations tab at the top of the page.

Once you have submitted a request, you will receive an automatic e-mail reply. If the room you have requested does not need approval (BL rooms do not need approval), your reservation will be complete. If you request a classroom, the Jacob Burns Moot Court room, Burns Alcove, the soft lounge or Stockton patio, approval is needed and you will receive an automatic e-mail reply that your reservation is pending. The Records Office will then notify you via a second e-mail that your room has been reserved. This notification should come within the same "working" day of your request unless submitted late in the day, in which case you will be notified the following morning.

Please note that the Law School Administration reserves the right to cancel a room reservation at any time.