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Government procurement law continues to interest policymakers, corporations, and legal employers. The federal government's annual acquisition of services, supplies, and construction accounts for more than $500 billion. State and local government procurement adds significantly to the volume of government procurement and the associated legal practice opportunities. As the global marketplace becomes more fluid and integrated, knowledge of international and comparative public procurement becomes increasingly vital. The evolution of the World Trade Organization and the growth of the European Union (boasting a public procurement market exceeding $1 trillion annually) have sparked fresh dialogues about the role of public procurement for both developing and developed countries. 

Established in 1960, the Government Procurement Law Program is the only one of its kind in the United States. Established by Professors Emeritus Ralph C. Nash, Jr. and John Cibinic, Jr., the program offers unparalleled faculty resources, course offerings, and professional development opportunities.

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The Government Procurement Law Program hosts many events throughout the semester. Check back frequently for new events.


Public Procurement in the Developing World: A Human Rights Perspective

This event will last all day in the Faculty Conference Center.

Past Events

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The Role of the EU Court of Justice in EU Procurement Law

Join the Government Procurement Law Program as they host Christopher Vajda, a UK barrister and judge, for a discussion of the Court of Justice