Sustainable Energy Initiative

The Sustainable Energy Initiative is a thought-leadership platform for the consideration and development of energy policy. The Initiative’s mission is to advance the development of legal structures that govern our increasingly diverse and complex energy systems with the goal of promoting equitable economic growth, protecting public health and the environment and assuring access to affordable, reliable, clean and sustainable energy resources by:

  • providing a forum for open debate on leading-edge energy policy issues

  • conducting research that significantly advances the knowledge base related to sustainable energy law and policy

  • educating students, policy makers and industry participants on issues related to sustainable energy production, delivery and use based on fact and non-partisan analysis.

We recognize that there are many other organizations interested in the development of energy law and policy, but the law school’s location in the nation’s capital, steps away from the seat of the US government and the largest international financial institutions, its strong network of alumni in the energy industry, its long history of teaching energy law, and its distinguished faculty and staff allow it access to unique and important resources. With these resources, the Initiative has the opportunity and the ability to make a difference.