Apply for Financial Aid as an LLM, SJD, MSL, or Transfer Student

US citizen and permanent resident LLM, SJD, and Transfer students must follow this schedule to apply for aid.

LLM, SJD, MSL, and Transfer JD Students

  Commercial Loans Federal Loans (Stafford, GradPLUS)
Forms Needed

GW Law Financial Aid Request Form

Copy of the Loan Application

Private Student Loan Checklist


GW Law Financial Aid Request Form

FAFSA (Student and Spouse)

Federal Loan Entrance Counseling

Master Promissory Note(s), Stafford and GradPLUS

GradPLUS Request

Summer 2022 Financial Aid Addendum

Action Needed  Notify Financial Aid Office Review Aid Package on BanWeb and Accept Awards


Applying for commercial and/or federal loans: July 15