Full- and Part-Time Programs

Students looking at their laptops in the soft lounge.

Applicants to the JD degree program may apply either as full-time or part-time students. Both divisions have the same academic standards, and all required and core courses are taught by the full-time faculty. Students initially admitted to the part-time program may petition to transfer to the full-time division as early as their second semester.

Under the law school’s residency requirement, a full-time student normally will take six semesters of study, or three academic years, in order to complete the degree. A part-time student normally will take eight semesters, or four academic years, and one summer session. Full-time students enroll in 12 credits or more (up to 15) per semester. Part-time students enroll in 11 credits or fewer per semester. A total of 84 credits are required to graduate.

Full-time students are expected to devote substantially all of their time during the academic year to their studies. First-year students in the full-time program are especially urged to refrain from outside employment. Upper-class students taking more than 11 credit hours of course work must limit outside employment to no more than 20 hours per week.