Humphreys Complex Litigation Center Sponsor Benefits

The James F. Humphreys Complex Litigation Center gratefully acknowledges the financial support of its patrons and sponsors. The center is fully self-sustaining. It would not be able to hold events and conferences and conduct studies and projects without the financial support of its patrons and sponsors. We deeply appreciate the generous contributions of our supporters. 

The Center offers two main ways to financially support the Center’s activities, including conferences, studies, and projects, e.g., development and issuance of best practices. The financial contributions of Center “patrons” are used to defray expenses incurred for all Center activities for a 12-month period. While the financial contributions of “sponsors” are specifically earmarked to defray expenses incurred for a single conference or certificate program.

All Center-related patron and sponsorship fees, conference registration fees, and donations are collected in a GW Law School fund. Center conferences and certificate programs are self-funded, and the reimbursement of travel and lodging expenses incurred by judges and others who are invited to participate in Center-held activities are entirely offset by the registration fees collected for each conference. Any payments by patrons, sponsors or others to the Center will be used to support the relevant conference or project.  If any funds remain after all such expenses are paid, then these excess funds will be retained by the Center and used to support future Center activities. (See discussion on compliance with the Code of Judicial Conduct).

Patron Levels

(Center-Wide Events and Projects)

Patron: $5K

Elite Patron: $10K

Premier Patron: $25K

Founding-Member Patron: $100K

Sponsor Levels

(Individual Events)

Collaborator Sponsor: $1K-$2.5K

Contributor Sponsor: $5K

Supporter Sponsor: $10K

Partner Sponsor: $25K