JD Entering Class Profile

Fall 2016 Entering JD Class

The first year entering class is composed of 423 full time and 35 part time students. The LSAT and GPA medians for the Fall 2016 entering class are 165 and 3.71 respectively, and the class is comprised of 54% women and 37% minorities.

Our students arrive from 17 countries, 41 states, including D.C., and 203 undergraduate institutions. Of these students, 167 students graduated from college with honors. In addition, 73% of students took off a year or more before coming to law school, and, of those, sixty four students hold advanced degrees.  Seventy-one students have founded or served as president of an organization including one student body president.

Many of our students have experienced another culture through travel or work. Eighty students have studied abroad and one hundred and eighty two (182) of our students speak one language besides English—40% of the entering class.

The entering transfer class is composed students from 29 law schools, 69 colleges and universities and 17 foreign institutions.  The class is comprised of 50% women and 47% minorities.  Sixteen students hold graduate degrees, including five Ph.Ds, one M.D. and a Fulbright scholar.


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