Environmental & Energy Law Events

The Environmental and Energy Law Program hosts many events throughout the semester. Check back frequently for new events.

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Past Events

Changing and Dynamic Oceans: Gauging Law and Policy Responses

Join the Environmental & Energy Law Program, the Marine & Environmental Law Institute at Dalhousie University, and the Environmental Law Institute fo

Defining the Waters of the United States

The fight over what waters are subject to Clean Water Act protections (what are "waters of the U.S." or "navigable waters") has been a long one.

Natural Resources Symposium

Join the Environmental & Energy Program for the 2018 Natural Resources Symposium.

Presentation on Sustainability

Join the Environmental and Energy Law Program as they host David Lehrer, Executive Director of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, to discuss his

Collaborative Conversations: Writing the Road Atlas for Transportation Electrification

Electrification of the transportation sector offers many promises. But to get there requires navigating multiple parallel paths and crossing many bridges. What’s the way forward?

2018 J.B. & Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium

Join The George Washington University Law School, the Journal of Energy and Environmental Law, GW Environmental & Energy Law Association, and the Environmental Law Institute for a symposium on the Public Trust Doctrine in Washington, D.C.

Climate Change Law Under the Trump Administration and Perspectives on COP 23 in Bonn

Join the Environmental and Energy Law Program for a roundtable discussion on the status of climate change policy under the Trump Administration.

Collaborative Conversations Series: Microgrid Regulation…or Not?

Pre-registration required.  No walk-ins or day-of registration.

Microgrid Momentum: Building Efficient, Resilient Power

Microgrids are an innovative solution to reduce emissions, improve electricity system reliability and resilience, and tighten grid security.

Sharing the Costs and Benefits of Energy and Resources Activity

A new phase is emerging in the relationship between energy and resource activities and the communities that are affected by them.

2016 J.B. & Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium

Join the Environmental and Energy Law Program for its annual J.B. & Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium on March 10-11, 2016.

Annual Enforcers and Defenders Conference

Join the GW Law Sustainable Energy Initiative as they co-sponsor and host the EBA's annual Enforcers and Defenders Conference. Networking reception to follow.

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Pathways Post-Paris

Join the United Nations Environment Programme and the George Washington University Sustainability Collaborative for an event that will highlight key achievements of 2015: the United Natio

Transforming the U.S. Electric System: Where State & Federal Initiatives Meet

Please note: This event has been cancelled due to weather.

2015 J.B. Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium

The 2015 Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium covered the topics of Advanced Monitoring, Remote Sensing, and Data Gathering, Analysis and Disclosure in Compliance and Enforcement.