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International law is a multifaceted and evolving area of the law. It is a key ingredient to address many current international affairs issues, including the sustainable development of societies, an adequate response to pandemics, the building of productive economies, the conduct of international business transactions and the resolution of disputes, the safeguard of a healthy environment, gender and racial equality, and the overall respect of human rights. International law has become an important tool and guideline for states, international organizations, multilateral institutions, nonprofits, and private actors. At GW Law, students obtain solid training on international legal theory and doctrine and learn how to put their knowledge to practical use.

GW Law offers over 50 specialized courses in international and comparative law. The school provides a strong theoretical and practical foundation to future lawyers in the areas of public and private international law, comparative law, and their many domains. The teaching, scholarship, doctrine, and practical opportunities the program includes foster creativity and innovation in addressing and finding solutions to complex legal issues that arise in the transnational setting. In addition to being first-rate professors and scholars, our faculty and deans are at the forefront of shaping and implementing international law. Our law students also have a range of opportunities during their studies at GW Law to perform research in the area of international law, pursue externships, attend numerous events and discussion spaces on international and comparative law, participate in skills competitions, clinics, and journals, delve in summer programs, and study abroad. 




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Our world-renowned faculty has strong ties to many public and private actors who apply international law daily, including government entities, law firms, non-profits, and international and regional organizations.

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