International & Comparative Law Visiting Scholars Program

The George Washington University Law School's Visiting Scholars Program allows legal scholars and lawyers from around the world to conduct specific legal research at the law school. Most of our visiting scholars participate in the program with stays between six months to one year. The program is tailored towards independent legal research. Our scholars are entitled to use our law school library facilities, and are encouraged to participate in law school events, lectures, conferences, and symposia. They are also given access to a knowledgeable and accommodating library staff. While office space is not available, efforts are made to provide visiting scholars small carrels in the library when they become available.

The beginning dates for visiting scholar stays throughout the year are:

  • September 15 – For Fall visits
  • February 15 – For Spring visits
  • May 15 – For Summer visits

Required Admission Materials

To be considered for the GW Law Visiting Scholars Program, please submit the following:

  • Resume   

  • English language skills: Visitors must have the ability to write and speak in English as demonstrated, if necessary, by a TOEFL score of 600 (written) or 250 (computer)   

  • Statement of Purpose: A short statement of the research objectives you seek to accomplish while at the law school   

  • Statement of Funding: Each candidate must demonstrate that he or she has the funds to obtain the J-1 visa, if needed, and to cover medical insurance and any administrative fee to be imposed. Please note that the J-1 visa requires that the documentation, written in English, show funding in the amount of US $1200 per month for the principal visitor, US $600 per month for the spouse, and US $300 per month of each child plus medical insurance coverage.   

  • Statement of Commitment: Each candidate must provide a written statement that the visit is for the principal purpose of conducting research and writing at the law school, and that the candidate intends to visit the law school on a frequent (daily is recommended) basis for purposes of conducting this research and writing.

  • Fees: Visiting Scholars are charged a modest fee based on the duration and nature of their stay at GW Law.

Admission Process

Our application deadlines throughout the year are as follows:

January 15 – For Summer and Fall visits
August – For Spring visits

Please submit the admission materials to:

Rosa Celorio
Associate Dean of International and Comparative Law
George Washington University Law School
2000 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052

Email: [email protected]

Interviews and decisions about a candidacy will be made after receipt of all the admission materials. If accepted as a Visiting Scholar, the candidate will receive a formal notification letter and a request for additional information, concerning the application for a J-1 visa. Please note that the law school will attempt to secure the J-1 visa for admitted candidates, but we cannot make any assurances that the visa will be issued.

Additional Information

Housing: the law school does not have housing and each Visiting Scholar is responsible for arranging his or her housing. The law school has information about apartment complexes near campus and can help in identifying possible accommodation.

Please contact Associate Dean Celorio if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.