Criminal Law & Procedure

Building upon the required course on substantive criminal law, the courses in this practice area explore the rules governing criminal procedure, the sociology of crime, and the application of the criminal law to particular conduct, such as environmental crimes and the use of drugs. The survey courses, Criminal Procedure and Adjudicatory Criminal Procedure, are the starting point for study in this area.

Foundation Courses

  • Criminal Procedure (6360)
  • Adjudicatory Criminal Procedure (6362)

Advanced Courses

  • White Collar Crime (6364)
  • Criminal Tax Litigation (6365)
  • Computer Crime (6369)
  • Forensic Science (6370)
  • Drugs and the Law (6372)
  • Criminal Law and Procedure Seminar (6379)**
  • International Criminal Law (6554)
  • Rising for Justice (6634)
  • Criminal Defense and Justice Clinic (6710)
  • Military Justice (6873)
  • Comparative Military Law (6874)
  • Counterterrorism Law (6875)
  • Transnational Security (6885)
  • Domestic Terrorism (6886)

**For 2021–2022, Criminal Law and Procedure Seminars may include Death Penalty, Public Corruption, Wrongful Convictions, and Anatomy of a Homicide.

Course Descriptions

Master of Studies in Law

A Master of Studies in Law (MSL), a degree designed for non-lawyers interested in law, can now be received with a concentration in Criminal Law and Procedure.

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