The Center for Law, Economics & Finance
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GW’s Center for Law, Economics & Finance (C-LEAF) is a think tank within the law school, designed as a focal point in Washington, DC for the study and debate of major issues in economic and financial law confronting the United States and the global community. 

C-LEAF was created with the view that  legal and public policy are best served by the fusion of diverse fields of study, including corporate law and finance, securities regulation, banking law, bankruptcy law, market regulation, central banking, commercial law, comparative economic and financial law, international business law, and accounting.  Our economic approach, while employing the microeconomic methodology typically associated with these fields of study, goes further to examine the relationship of law and macroeconomic policy.

With an expert faculty and a comprehensive curriculum of interrelated fields of study, C-LEAF also creates an intensive program for the study of the laws governing economic and financial markets and institutions for students at the law school, both in Washington and in our program based in New York City.