Student Bar Association

All students of the law school are members of the SBA, the law school’s student government. Through its elected officers and representatives, the SBA acts as an advocate of the student body, oversees the funding of student organizations, and sponsors a number of social, professional, and community service programs and events. Students take an active role in the academic and institutional development of the School through the SBA’s participation on the faculty–student committees dealing with faculty tenure and appointments, curriculum development, student recruitment, any incidents of discrimination and harassment, and public interest involvement. All students are encouraged to participate in SBA elections and to take advantage of the programs and activities that the SBA sponsors throughout the year, including the First-Year Mentoring Program; the Halloween Party; the Barrister’s Ball; weekly “Bar Reviews”; annual blood, food, and clothing drives; used book sales; as well as several community service projects and activities involving the American Bar Association Law Student Division.

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Law School Room/Event Space Reservations

The Online Room Reservation Request Form is available to members of the GW Law community through the GW Law Web Portal. Please log into the Portal and click on the Room Reservations tab at the top of the page. You may reserve various rooms and study spaces under “I Want To… : Reserve a Room.”

Use of law school space for student group events must be approved by our office. Approval can be sought by completing the Student Organizations Request & Planning Form and sending it to [email protected]. Events with any outside guests, especially any VIPs, should have a faculty or staff sponsor in attendance; our office may withhold approval until sponsorship has been confirmed. Student groups should also inform the Center for Professional Development & Career Strategy of any events where legal professionals have been invited.

Student groups must check the availability of all rooms they are requesting on the Room Reservation System before submitting any event requests. This can be found under Browse: View Room Grid and NOT under I Want To…: Reserve a Room.

Student groups are encouraged to use the Student Conference Center for most events. Requests for the Faculty Conference Center or the Tasher Great Room will not be approved unless the Student Conference Center is already in use at the same time. FCC requests also require the sponsorship of a faculty member who will be in attendance for the event; Tasher requests require the approval of Dean Pagel at the Law Library.

Once we have approved the request, the form will be delivered to the Conference and Events Services Office, who will handle the room reservation and set up for the event. Questions regarding room reservations and event setup should be directed towards this office, and not the Dean of Students Office.


Our office coordinates Orientation events by partnering with various offices throughout GW Law.  At Orientation, students become familiar with the campus, meet classmates, and learn about the wide variety of programs and resources available at GW Law.  Targeted Orientation activities are designed for full-time JD students starting as 1Ls; part-time JD students starting as 1Ls; and transfer & visiting JD students starting as upper-level students, as well as (working with the International Programs Office) for LLM students who earned their first law degree from a foreign university and LLM students who earned their first law degree from a university in the United States. Orientation events are a critical introduction to the GW Law community, and we are proud to play a key role in this effort.

Academic Awards Ceremony

A number of endowment-funded prizes are awarded each year to students who excel in a wide variety of academic pursuits -- from outstanding performance in specific courses, to clinical dedication, to victories in advocacy competitions, to overall academic performance.  These students are honored at an Academic Awards Ceremony held the day before Commencement, and our office organizes that event on behalf of the Dean.