The office of communications provides executive leadership support to the Dean of the law school. We assist in speeches, remarks, and talking points for various events attended by the Dean. If the Dean is confirmed to attend your event please submit the form below to begin the creative process. 

Speech Request Form

Timeline & Example Projects

5 Business Days

  • Opening or closing remarks at an event

2-4 Weeks

  • Keynote address

1+ Months

  • Large-scale events including but not limited to the Dean’s Advisory Council meeting, Commencement, VIP events

Speech FAQs

How do I request Dean Matthew's presence at my event?

Please fill out our Dean Meeting and Event Request Form.

What do I need to provide for Dean Matthew to speak at my event?

Please start by filling out the Speech Request form. You will see on the form that you will need proposed talking points, any relevant supporting information, a one-pager with facts and figures, any acknowledgements or thanks the dean should convey, biographical information about the people the dean introduces, any past or present involvement with GW Law, promotional material for the event, and any substantive or timely content about the featured subject.