GW–Panthéon-Assas University Law School Student Exchange Program

A limited number of JD degree candidates may attend Panthéon-Assas University Law School in Paris, France for one semester to engage in in-depth study of areas related to international and comparative law, including international arbitration and other legal fields. The Université Panthéon-Assas is considered one of the best law schools in France and in the world.

GW Law JD students who have completed their first year of study are eligible to participate in this program. GW Law students will need to pursue 26 credits at Panthéon-Assas, which is the equivalent of 12 credits for GW Law School. GW Law students will see the credits reflected on their transcript as CR/NC. GW Law Students will have two options at Panthéon-Assas: 1) pursue Track 1, in which they focus on courses that are part of the LLM AWArDS (World Arbitration and Dispute Settlement); or 2) pursue Track 2, in which they focus on courses which are part of the semester exchange program. Credit earned counts towards the total number of credits required for the JD degree.

For more information contact Associate Dean Rosa Celorio, [email protected], 202.994.1210, and Assistant Dean Shehernaz Joshi, [email protected], 202.994.7242.